Top Burgers in LBK

Who has the best burger in Lubbock? Campus Live gives you a top 5 list.

If you find yourself indoors these days, you might as well enjoy a delicious burger from our list of Top 5 burgers in LBK.

We take food seriously at Campus Live and we put a lot of thought into this list based on first-hand experiences, customer service, overall presentation, Google and Yelp Reviews, etc.

The list is local and can also be picked up through a drive-through and/or call ahead ordering. Enjoy!

Blue Sky

This West Texas chain is a staple in your burger arsenal, and they have a togo drive -through. Their french fries, and their tasty cold beverages are added value to their amazing burger selection. Whichever option you choose, you won’t regret it, but we might recommend the green chile cheeseburger if you’re in the mood for a little spice in your life.


Heff’s has some great menu options along with their classic burger! They also have a drive through. Their mushroom Swiss burger is a must try here. Fresh, tasty, and two thumbs up from Campus Live.

Christakis Burgers

A Lubbock staple if you’ve in the mood for a burger done just right. This local establishment has been around Lubbock for many years and continues to impress with their perfectly served burgers. Try their jumbo burger with cheese!


This Lubbock original may have been on your radar before, but you may have needed a reminder to just how good it actually is. Try the He Man Woman Hater burger with some rings then thank us later. Side note: heard of their fried cheese sticks?

Coopers Drive-In

With a new location open in south Lubbock, their delicious burgers are even more convenient for all of Lubbockites south of town. The Big Bubba Special will surely satisfy and empty stomach along with their entire menu of burger delights.

We hope you find this list helpful if you need a quick break from quarantine life while also supporting local business in town. For comments or feedback, email our team to

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