Winter Fashion Trends 2021-22

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The Best Winter Fashion Trends of 2021-22

The weather is changing, and the temperature is getting colder. Winter is fast approaching, and it will be here sooner than you think. It is time to change that wardrobe and adapt to the new season. If you want to get ahead of the game, here are some of the upcoming fashion trends for Winter 2021-22. This winter fashion trends forecast is based on this year’s fashion week’s runway looks.


With the weather dropping, wearing a simple jacket sometimes just does not do it. If you want to be well covered up but still show off a great outfit while staying warm, layering is the answer to all your problems. There are multiple ways to layer your outfits. You can mix and match fabric types. You can also layer based on fabric weights, like pairing a sheer blouse under a thick wool vest. Or, pair a turtle neck with an oversize hoodie for a more casual look. You can layer almost any clothing item no matter what your style is. Play with layering different patterns, textures, clothing items, and more. Just remember to have fun with it and show your personal style. 

Leather Pieces

Leather is always a must during the winter season. A good leather jacket will forever be a staple and is sure to never go out of style. This thick and heavy-duty fabric will withstand any winter breeze, so it is the perfect material for this chilling season. Whether you want genuine leather or vegan leather, this material adjusts to any budget and lifestyle. You can also get leather items in any color you would like. If you feel like it, leather pieces can be worn from head to toe and still look fashionable and expensive.

Leather can also adjust to any occasion, no matter how dressy or casual the dress code may be. If you do not have time to come up with a creative outfit, leather is easy to throw on as well. You can easily throw on a leather jacket to any outfit, leather boots, leather gloves, a leather skirt, or even a leather purse. Options are endless, and anyone can pull off leather, so do not be afraid to try it out. 

Puffer/Ski Jackets

Puffer and ski jackets have been a winter staple for many years. They are the perfect item to protect yourself from the cold weather by throwing on this simple clothing piece on top of any winter outfit. In recent years, celebrities and fashion icons like Hailey Baldwin, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Justin Bieber and more, have taken this clothing item to the next level. Whether you want to wear an oversize puffer or a cropped one, they will all look fashionable and in season. Do not be afraid to try this trend out with any outfit because it pairs with almost everything. Anyone can work puffer jackets no matter their age or style, so just give it a try and see if you like it. 

Furry Coats

You can never go wrong with a furry coat, and this clothing item is so extra that it can elevate any outfit to the next level, no matter how casual it may be. Not only is this clothing item fashionable, but it will also keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months. There are so many styles of furry coats that will flatter any figure and compliment any style. Furry coats can be made from natural or faux fur, so it is accessible to anyone no matter the budget. This clothing piece is guaranteed to make anyone look expensive and luxurious, so why not just give it a try. It is the perfect last-minute piece to throw on when going out. 


What is better than a crossover between a shirt and a jacket? Shackets have become one of the most popular winter items, and they could even be labeled the new wardrobe staple. They give off the appearance of an oversized shirt, but it is made out of heavier material, which makes them perfect for the winter months. Shackets also make the perfect layering piece to keep you warm and pair up flawlessly with almost any top underneath.

This clothing item is thinner than a jacket, so if you are still cold, you can even add a heavier jacket on top to finish up your fashionable winter look. This clothing item is highly versatile and the perfect transition piece from the Fall to Winter season. Shackets can be as bold or as discrete as you want so that they can be pulled off by anyone, no matter their style. Almost every store sells them, so remember to grab one next time you are at the mall.

Geometric Prints

The Winter months can be gloomy and dark, so why not uplift your mood with bold colors and geometric shapes that will stand out from anywhere you are. It is not difficult to introduce these pieces into your wardrobe; just have fun with it. You can add a geometric statement piece to any basic monochromatic outfit if you feel a little daring. You can also mix and match prints or pair a solid geometric print outfit. The options are endless; just remember to have fun with it and express your creativity. 

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