Fun Tech Trivia Challenge

TTU University Trivia Game

Being indoors can be a little tough these days. However, the Red Raider spirit can still lift your soul with this fun trivia game. The game can be played in many forms: family fun, a drinking game, even a virtual game if your single and isolated. We hope you know your Texas Tech history.

Whatever your preference, the Campus Live team has compiled the trivia below for your enjoyment. We’ll go with the format of a drinking game, and the rules are simple.

  • Go in an order.
  • If you answer incorrectly, sip up.
  • Repeat when your turn comes around again but the amount increases by one each time.

The questions are listed below and the answer key requires a little bit of scrolling so don’t cheat. Only scroll to the answer key which shows the current question you’re on without scrolling past it to reveal the answers to the upcoming questions. We hope you enjoy!

Texas Tech Trivia Questions:

1. When was Texas Tech founded?

2. What teams were originally apart of the Big 12?

3. When did Jones AT&T stadium open?

4. What tradition does Texas Tech do after a football victory?

5. What is the official name of organization that conducts that tradition (continued from above question)

6. What was the Masked Riders original and unofficial name?

7. What years did Bob Knight coach at Texas Tech?

8. When did the Lady Raiders win the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship?

9. Who was the first quarterback from a university in Texas to win a Superbowl?

10. Where was Kirby Hocutt employed before moving to Texas Tech?

11. When was baseballs first Big 12 championship?

12. The statue of the man and horse in the memorial circle is named what?

13. Where was the Masked Riders first official mascot ride?

14. Who was the first female Masked Rider?

15. When was Raider Red introduced?

16. What conference was Texas Tech apart of until the Big 12 was formed?

17. Where did the Goin’ band from Raiderland name originate?

18. Who was the first women’s WNBA player from Texas Tech?

19. How many acres of land does Texas Tech sit on? 

20. What are the official colors of Texas Tech? 

Answer Key

1. Feb 10, 1923

2. Baylor, University of Colorado at Boulder, Iowa St, Kansas, Kansas St., University of Missouri, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech

3. 1947

4. Rings the victory bells!

5. Saddle Tramps

6. Ghost Riders

7. 2001-2008

8. 1993

9. Patrick Mahomes

10. University of Miami

11. 1997

12. Will Rodgers and Soapsuds

13. The Gator Bowl in 1954

14. Ann Lynch 

15. 1971

16. Southwest Conference

17. Texas tech‘S was the first Texas college marching band to travel to an away game

18. Sheryl Swoopes

19. 1,839

20. SCARLET red, and black (if you got technical its Pantone 485 and Pantone Process Black)

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