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Behind the Music: Jenni Dale Lord

Jenni Dale Lord photo by: Abby Reed Photography

In this month’s edition of Behind the Music, Campus Live caught up with Lubbock favorite, Jenni Dale Lord!

In our interview, we find out a little more about Jenni, her music, and vision into the future.

Take a look at our Q&A below, and we hope you enjoy.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have a culinary degree and love to cook.

How long have you been doing music?

In one way or another, I’ve been “doing music” for 34 years or so. I’ve been doing it professionally for 20 years – full time musician for 6 years.

What got you into doing music?

My mom put me in piano lessons when I was four years old. I’ve al- ways loved music though. I’m told I’ve been singing since I was a baby in a swing.

Who are you favorite artists to listen to?

I enjoy all sorts of music. Through- out my life, I’ve definitely toured all the different genres. I pay a lot of attention to country music radio, not only because I enjoy it, but because I study it. That’s where my music can be heard. My favorite contemporary band is Little Big Town, I love most everything they do.

Where can Lubbock locals find you? How often do you play there?

I play every Wednesday at Back 40 Grill. That’s my only regular gig. Other than that, I bounce around. I try to travel as much as possible. You can find my schedule at

What would you describe as the type of music you play?

I label my music Americana because it encompasses many different elements of country, rock, and blues. But mainly my music is played on Texas Country/Red Dirt Radio. I don’t necessarily fit that genre either.

Who’s your inspiration/idol?

Growing up, Reba McEntire was my biggest idol. During my college years, I was a huge Ani Difranco fan. I think you can find both of them in songs I write.

What are your future goals regarding your career?

In the short term, I want to travel more. I had the privilege of going on an east coast tour last year, and I loved it. I want to hit the West Coast and Europe before too long. In the long run, I want to be even more successful financially, and grow my fan base as much as the (whatever that entails).

Jenni Dale Lord photo by: Tonja Hagy-Valdine

How has your music changed over the years?

When I first began writing songs (about eight years old), I was influenced by traditional country music. Growing up in West Texas, that’s pretty much how things go. I went through a Christian song-writing phase as well. About the time I moved to Austin, I was heavily influenced by rock and folk. I didn’t want to be a country singer at that point. But when I moved back home to Lubbock, country just felt natural, and I’ve fallen back in love with it.

Jenni Dale Lord photo by: Tonja Hagy-Valdine

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