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7604 Milwaukee Ave Suite 200, Lubbock, TX 79424

The franchise of Mainstream Boutique has arrived in Lubbock, a place called home for the owner and her husband.

Kate Mitchell, the owner, is a graduate from Texas Tech. Not only that, her husband and her were both born in Lubbock. She said how for these reasons, she feels the Lubbock community has accepted them as a local business.

“We’ve been embraced with open arms,” Mitchell said.

The Difference in Mainstream Boutique

Mainstream has taken a different approach to the boutique business in a college town. Acknowledging how most boutiques in college towns are geared towards college women, Mitchell wants this boutique to be for everyone.

“College girls are fabulous, but women tend to be built a little different,” she said. “It felt like there was two sectors, there was college and then there was very mature, so we are trying to hit that in-between niche.”

With Mainstream Boutique being part of a franchise out of Minnesota, it adds a few benefits to their clothing selection. One benefit would be the variety of approved designers Mitchell can choose from for this west Texas location.

“The odds of other west Texas boutiques having our stuff is pretty slim,” she said.

Mitchell says she’d describe the clothes as upscale casual, which is another added benefit of being part of a franchise.

“One of the great things about the franchise vetting the designers is it really keeps the quality at a high level,” she said.

Success Mainstream has seen

Only being open for two weeks, Mitchell shared what they’ve been most successful in so far. She said she was proud to have people coming out and recognizing the boutique. They are also seeing growth in their following on social media, with it at least tripling in two weeks.

Mitchell said every boutique is great for something. Mainstream boutique is great for filling a different niche she said.

“We definitely have trendy pieces, but I would argue that they aren’t so trendy that in two years you’re going to want to pull them from your closet,” she said.

As an owner, Mitchell said her goals would be to have a well-trained staff that can educate customers on the clothing. This knowledge extending that of a perfect fit and proper care for items.

Lastly, she cares about the quality of the clothes as a whole. Mitchell wants her customers to walk out with items that will last them for a while for all kinds of circumstances.

“We are going for well-made clothes that can last you for years,” she said.

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