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Behind the Music: Meet TexWestus

Photo Credit: Christian Rangel of Elevation Recording & Studios

In this month’s edition of Behind the Mu- sic, Ryan Zink from Campus Live sat down in an exclusive interview with the up-and- coming duo of TexWestus.

During our interview, we learned more about how the band met, where they’re from, their current music, upcoming shows, and more. Take a look at our Q&A below:

Tell us about your band?

Corbin: We’re TexWestus and we’ve playing for about two years now. Our first record EP came out in October 2018 called West Texas Wind. It was awesome recording it and was a great experience for all of us.

Chloe: We were able to record this in Acuff Studios with Alan Crossland. That was fun! He’s done a lot of really cool stuff. He did Natalie Maines’ demo for Dixie Chicks, and he also did William Clark Green’s first two albums. He’s done a lot with the music industry around here so that was a really cool experience for us.

Where are you both from?

Chloe: We’re both originally from here and met going to South Plains College. We met in songwriting class and I needed some help and this guy jumped up to help me out. From there we just figured out that we worked really well together.

Corbin: We like to write music together. We’re always writing and doing new stuff, and looking ahead to the future trying to figure out what our next move is going to be.

What do you have planned for 2019?

Corbin: We’ve got a lot of big plans for 2019. We’re going to be starting a new record here pretty soon. It’s a fast turn- around but we want to stay relevant and keep pushing out new music. With every set of songs you write and with every record, you kind of find your sound more and more as you go along. I think we’re definitely into that next stage in finding our sound.

What about upcoming shows?

Corbin: We’re gearing up for the year
for sure. A lot of details are still being worked out but we’ll be doing some stuff locally, doing some stuff in New Mexico, and trying to get on with as many festivals as possible. We’ve got our eye on several different festivals and have also been ap- proached by several different promoters, so hopefully we’ll be opening for some bigger acts as well. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can talk too much about right now but that’s something to look forward to in 2019.

Chloe: We’re excited. It’s a tough business but we love it and have a lot of fun. This next project is going to be very expensive. With me being a school teacher and he being a farmer, do we take out the loan or just give it a try? In order to get the shows you have to have music on the radio, and in order to get music on the radio you have to get into the studio.

Is there anything else you can let fans know about your band?

Corbin: Just know that we really appreciate everybody who supports
us. It’s just as hard to do this as it is to start up any other business but we love it. We couldn’t do it without the fans, without everyone coming to the shows, and requesting the songs on the radio. If anything, keep coming, keep requesting, and keep showing up for us. That’s the best advertisement we can have.

Where can people find you?

Chloe: Check us out on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, you can even find us on YouTube and Google Play. Anywhere and everywhere you can listen to music, we’re likely there. Those numbers count. The industry looks at those things. It’s about how many fans and how many streams you have.


Chloe: We’re working on getting our merchandise on the website. You can always find the merchandise at our shows, though. Our website is: It’s a great place to follow us and find all of our stuff.

Final Thoughts:

Corbin: We truly enjoy interacting with people and letting people into our lives, and getting to see into theirs. That’s one of the best parts, just getting to know our fans. We love to communicate with more people and really find out where the fans want to see us play. If you see online, shoot us a message, email, tag us, you name it. Let us know what you want.

Story by: Ryan Zink of Campus Live

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