Adopt in LBK During Downtime

Experiencing downtime? Try adopting right here in LBK!

During this time of isolation, you may find yourself feeling a little lonely. Instead of texting your ex or binge watching hours of Netflix, adopting or fostering a pet can be your other option. Right now, it is the perfect time to add another member to your household.You rarely leave the house! Not only are you giving yourself something to love and distract you from the outside world. You’re gaining the opportunity to brighten an animal’s life.

Why visit an animal shelter?

Adopting during this time may seem strange and against the norm, but these animals still need your help too. Lubbock Animal Shelter IS open right now and has been updating on their Facebook page. “LAS is keeping our normal business hours currently, however, we are asking that the citizens help us out by limiting intakes into our facility. We want to save as much space as possible in case of emergencies.

We also need citizens to continue to adopt and foster our furry friends, what great companionship they provide!!”. LAS has given joy to many humans and animals through the process of adopting, proving it to be a great asset to the Lubbock community. 

With the current pandemic going on in the world, LAS has also been affected. In another Facebook post, they write, “To aid us in our response to emergency and public safety issues we ask that citizens suspend their trapping of community cats and wildlife. In addition to this, we ask that animal owners looking to surrender an animal utilize resources such as social media to re-home their animal or find temporary housing through fostering.”

They are taking things seriously but are still able to provide your adoption needs. 

The animals are also being impacted.

In another post by LAS “Due to COVID-19 events transports have been postponed to the North, however, this gives local adopters the chance to adopt certified people friendly and pet-friendly dogs. They didn’t get the chance to travel far, but with your help, they will go far right here in Lubbock.”. The post also featured some of the friendliest and sweetest faces of the dogs with the title “featured long-timers” 

At Campus Live we highly recommend adopting a pet. Especially right now, when everyone could use a little more brightness in their life. The Lubbock Animal Shelter normally does charge a fee for adoptions, but often will run free adoptions promotions. Check their Facebook page for more information, or call to see if they are offering promotions.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Story by Regan Hestand: Brand Development/Creative Media for Campus Live

Email: [email protected]

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