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Behind the Music- William Clark Green

Photo Credit: William Clark green Management Team

Country star William Clark Green took time out of his busy tour schedule to talk to Campus Live. Finishing up in Missouri, he answered a couple questions about his music and experiences in Lubbock.

The start

Green said he accredited his start in music to a move to College Station, Texas in 8th grade. The move left him with a lot of time on his hands which created the opportunity to learn guitar.

“That was kind of the inspiration, always wanted to learn and never had a reason to sit down and learn it,” he said. “So that summer when I was really bored, that was a good time to do it.”

When it comes to his music leaving an impact, he said he hopes it leaves a good one but also that it brings joy to people.


Not being able to narrow it down, Green said the last songs written take the favorite spot and not one in particular.

“It’s always the last song I wrote,” he said. “It’s just the way it is, you always love the last song you wrote.”

Green and Campus Live then brought the conversation local to right here in Lub- bock, Texas. He said his favorite moment performing took place in Lubbock at the 2019 Cotton Fest.

The Cotton Fest

The Cotton Fest is a three-day music event benefitting the High Cotton Relief Fund which helps West Texas farmers in times
of need. The weekend is filled with music, camping, cook outs, etc. according to the Cotton Fest Lubbock website.

Aside from his participation in Cotton Fest, Green has been part of this Lubbock community. He is an alumnus of Texas Tech where he said he spent a long and expensive six years at. Tech and Lubbock played an important role in his music career too.

“It is where my music career started, it was the best time of my life,” he said.

What Lubbock means to WCG

Lubbock being where his career started, he said the city means a lot to him. He has done things throughout this city such as performed a free concert during tailgate for this 2019 Tech football season. Green shared the aspects that make Lubbock so special to him and praises the community.

“Some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life and all my travels,” he said. “It is the home of music career, Lubbock seems like home to me, so it means everything.”

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Story by: Alessandra Singh – Broadcast/Creative Media Intern

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