Top 5 Tips for Spending Time at Home

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Whether you’re a student or working remote you may be finding yourself spending a lot more time at home. Here are some top tips from our team living the work from home life.

1. Snacks.

I prefer popcorn and wine, but of course, everyone has their preference! Just make sure you pace yourself. You might feel sick the next morning after gorging all day on hot Cheetos, popcorn, ice cream, (and wine). Yes, that is from personal experience.

2. Try to be creative with your subscriptions!

There are several subscription services out there, with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and more. It can get pretty pricey paying for all of them. Try to get ahold of a friend or family member to see if you can switch login username and passwords. That way maybe you only have to pay for one or two subscriptions instead of counting them on two fingers.

3. Get active.

Working from home and staying inside 24/7 is not good for your physical or mental health. If the weather is permitting, try to go outside for a walk, or at least spend some time on a porch/patio. If you’re wanting to get some serious sweat flowing you have options. Check out your Instagram explore feed or search fitness for some free workouts from fitness influencers sharing at-home workouts.

4. Stimulate your mind.

Not every hour should be spent watching Netflix, although we wouldn’t blame you, but try to branch out from the norm of binge-watching. Order a puzzle from amazon, try some new card games, read a book, learn a new language. There are plenty of options to distract yourself from isolation.

5. Use this as an opportunity to prioritize time with the important people in your life.

Whether you’re sharing isolation with them or have to pick up the phone, use this as an opportunity to talk to your loved ones. Your friends or family are most likely your support system, try to brighten their day with a conversation, and watch them brighten your day right back.

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