Cinco de Mayo tips from Campus Live

Campus Live gives you tips for Cinco de Mayo 2019

Cinco de Mayo, or the 5thof May, is a celebration of the battle between Mexico and France in the battle of Puebla, over the Franco – Mexican War.  It’s typically a day in America where people of all races take the time to go out and have a fiesta, grub on some tacos, or down a margarita in celebration of our neighbors to the South.  

If you’re in Lubbock and you’re looking for a cool place to do any of the above, Campus Live has you covered! 

If you’re looking for some great Lubbock tacos, try the following: 

  1. Torchy’s 
  2. Taqueria y Panederia Guadalajara 
  3. Taqueria Autlan 

If you’re looking for great Mexican food in general, try the following: 

  1. Jalisco’s 
  2. Joel’s Restaurant 
  3. Picantes 

Want to drink a really good marg?  Try these top places: 

  1. Chimmy’s (duh) 
  2. Teddy Jack’s 
  3. The Plaza Restaurant 

If you’re not in the margarita drinking mood, of course we recommend have a nice refreshing Mexican beer, and what better drink than a Corona Premier, the official beer of Campus Live. 

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and that you find them super helpful when you’re looking for a way to spend your Cinco de Mayo.  Please remember to be safe, always.  Don’t drink and drive, and enjoy your fiestas.  Until next time, Campus Live, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Story by: Airielle Urias – Campus Live Content Writer

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