Where to Eat in Lubbock, Texas

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Places to Eat in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock does not have a lot to offer when it comes to fun things to do and places to go. Instead, use your weekends to explore the wide range of the best restaurants in Lubbock and near campus. Lubbock offers unique restaurants, from holes in the wall to fine dining at a steakhouse. Take a look at where to eat that will amaze your taste buds and make Lubbock just a little better for your time in West Texas. In Lubbock, you can find anything from Mexican food, American food, steakhouse, and Italian. You can also find anything for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. No need to fear, all of the places below can be ordered on their website for you or your family.

Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

If you are in the mood for some good old-fashion Italian cooking for dinner, head to Orlando s Italian restaurant at 6951 on Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, Tx. They offer some of the best pizza options, fresh pasta, garden salads, and an open bar. There is a variety of dishes perfect for any sized belly that walks through the door. Their dishes never fail to taste like a home-cooked meal made by an old Italian Grandma.

Did someone say wine? Orlando’s has a wide selection of wine to pair with your delicious dinner or lunch. If you are trying to find a place for a date night with good food, Orlando’s is a great place to keep in mind. Don’t feel like going out? Orlando’s has a full menu online to order directly to you anywhere in Lubbock. If you have covid 19 concerns, Orlando’s has you covered with their safety services.

Pizza, garlic bread, pasta, salad, salt, pepper, and drinks set on a red and white table cloth.

Pecan Grill at The Overton Hotel

Everyone deserves to spoil themselves with food from an upscale restaurant in Lubbock. The menu is full of elegant food selections, fine wine, and drinks from the open bar. If you do not feel like eating, relax in the lounge where you can enjoy high quality, handcrafted alcoholic beverages.

Not only does the Overton give you the chance to have a late-night out, but they also offer breakfast and brunch. They have a wide variety of classic breakfast favorites. Get yourself a plate of biscuits & gravy and warm fluffy pancakes. If you are craving anything breakfast, brunch, or dinner, Pecan Grill should be on your list of places to go. If the weather is nice, take it outside to the outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating under a wooden patio. tables and chairs. One of the tables has a fire pit in the middle.

Triple J Chophouse Brew

Triple J offers a great atmosphere with live music, attentive staff, great smelling food, and house beer selections. Even though they are considered a steak house, they have many different menu options. They are a paradise for meat-lovers, with their chicken fried steaks, grilled chicken, classic American burgers, and of course, steaks. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘chophouse’ in the name. They offer seafood, brick-fire pizza, and salads as well.

Head over to 1807 Buddy Holly Avenue to experience an authentic West Texas experience for you and your family. Make sure to make reservations online ahead of time to secure a table on the weekends. It can get very crowded, very quickly!

empty booths at triple j chophouse. light fixtures hanging from above the tables

Lubbock Breakfast House

I cannot begin to describe how Lubbock Breakfast House makes me feel. Their employees and food make you feel at home. Lubbock Breakfast house is one of my favorite places to eat and will be yours too. The breakfast house is located right by campus on 19th street. If you have a long day of class or work, get a load off with some hot eggs and sizzling bacon. If you do not want to break the bank, this is the perfect place to go if you wish to feast without feeling guilty.

Their food is also suitable for a long night out, and you need something to eat but don’t want fast food. The one on 19th street is open 24 hours; if you roll up at 2 A.M., they are happy to take your order!

one plate with eggs, ham, bacon, and sausage. Another plate has pancakes with whip cream, eggs, and sausage. two cups of coffee.

Funky Door

The Funky Door is a restaurant located at 6801 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock, TX 79424. They are another high-end restaurant for a date night or buisness dinner in Lubbock. They have a unique atmosphere with beautiful art on the walls and outdoor seating under twinkling lights.

Their options for lunch and dinner are very different and have many options. Their lunch menu has things from American food, Mexican food, and sandwiches. The dinner menu consists of more hefty meals, such as steak, seafood, and pasta. Do not let the reviews scare you; They are defiantly on the expensive side, but a must-go-to restaurant in Lubbock, Tx.

a plate of a steak filet, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

Blue Sky

Suppose your mouth is watering for American Food, Head here! They are located near campus, right off 4th street and 98th street. They offer hot dogs, meat sandwiches, hamburgers, fried appetizers, and floats. This restaurant does not let anyone down with the best quality meat and homemade shakes to go with your fries. If you feel like staying a while, settle down in their bar area to watch sports. They offer drinks specials as you cheer on your favorite teams.

Blue’s cool thing is that you order right when you get in and pick it up at the front when it is ready. Food comes out quickly, so no need to wait around for a while.

a burger with meat, cheese, bacon, fried egg, tomato, and lettuce, on a bun. With a side of fries.

One Guy

PIZZA! Get yourself a fantastic customized pizza here. This place is perfect for New York and Chicago style deep dish. Also, enjoy other Italian items such as different types of pasta, calzones, and garlic bread. Oh, how crispy and cheesy! If you don’t feel like anything heavy, get a hot or cold sub. If you want a classic ham and cheese or their new Guy sub, they have it! On the outside, they might look janky, but one of the best Italian places in Lubbock, Tx.

They are located on the corner of Broadway near campus. They are in the perfect spot with all the action going on around them. The best part is being able to people watch on bar nights while enjoying a stuffed calzone. They are open late if you are hungry after a night out at Chimy’s or if you find yourself on University avenue.

a stuffed Calzone with meat, cheese, and pizza sauce, held up by a hand.

Double Nickel

Double Nickel is located on Slide Rd. They are known for being a top-notch steakhouse in Lubbock, Tx. Nickel has a great atmosphere, good food, and drink specials. They, for sure, make you feel like you are not in West Texas. Nickel has many different options that are tailored to your liking. They have a wide range of steaks, seafood, salads, soups, and lamb.

If you need some convincing, take a look at their reviews and pictures on the Yelp website.

a room of tables and chairs. Tables have wine glasses and napkins set out on red table cloths.

Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

Another restaurant on Slide Rd is Garcia’s Restaurant. Who doesn’t like fresh tacos, stuffed burritos, and sizzling fajitas? They are known for using the best spices around Lubbock, Tx, to give it that extra kick. I promise Garcia’s doesn’t leave you needing the restroom.

If you feel a hangover coming on, Garcia’s will lift your spirits with the perfect combination of their house bloody mary and cheesy enchiladas. I know your stomach is rumbling by now!

a plate of pulled pork, Mexican rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and refried beans

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is ANOTHER steakhouse in the 806. This restaurant is located by a small body of water, which offers a beautiful view while you feast. The decor and atmosphere will make you feel like you’re dining as a celebrity. There is no place like this in Lubbock that will offer this kind of quality.

They have delicate plates that look like a top chef from New York whipped up. You can indulge yourself with fresh cuts of steak, fresh-caught fish, and meaty lobsters. Since this place is highly popular and limited capacity, it is crucial to make reservations ahead of time.

a plate of grilled lamb with a side of asparagus. Baked potato and bread on the side and a glass of wine.

Texas Roadhouse

We all know what Roadhouse is! It is probably one of the most well-known restaurants in Lubbock and the United States. If you come here, you will never want any other bread and butter ever again. The dough is so fluffy, and the cinnamon butter makes it heaven on earth.

Right as you walk in, a display of fresh cuts of steaks will greet you. It will leave your mouth watering as you walk to your table. All sides are made from scratch to pair perfectly with your main course. You will experience a Southwestern spin and Texas-themed decor. It doesn’t get any more American than this restaurant.

plate of steak with a side of fried okra, baked potatoes, broccoli, salad and peanuts. Served with a drink.

La Diosa Cellars

Diosa is a Spanish bistro restaurant in Lubbock offering tapas, a lengthy wine list & sangria in an art-filled space with live music. Diosa has a very relaxing ambiance and funky decor, in a good way. Their staff is so friendly, personable and makes sure your dining experience meets with their expectations.

Every section of the restaurant has a different arrangement to fit your vibe. They turn every ordinary dinner into an experience. La Diosa Cellars will leave you wanting to return for a date night, family night, or night with friends. Check out more pictures online; I promise you will want to go!

a room of chairs and tables. art on the brick walls and table with glasses set out on one of the tables.

50th Street Caboose

This restaurant is far from a typical dining experience. The Caboose is a mixture of Mexican and American favorites. From original hot wings to street tacos, you can find anything fit to your liking. The menu has everything you can think of, so make to review all the options. While you wait for your meal, get a few games in on the wide range of arcade favorites.

I consider Caboose an upscale Chucky Cheese. It is the perfect mixture of fun and games for adults and children. As the kids play, order a cold bucket of beer or a unique cocktail only made at Caboose. I know what you’re thinking, “ew, children running around.” But that is what the drinks are for!

three alcoholic drinks with beer sticking from the cups. served with limes and cherries.

Caprock Cafe

Caprock has been around since 1997 and is still one of the local’s favorite hot spots in Lubbock, Tx. Indulge yourself in their juicy American burgers, tortilla wraps, Tex-Mex, and more! If you are not in the mood for a big meal, Caprock has just what you need. Pick from their delicious sharables, such as wings, nachos, or their Combination Appetizer Platter.

Their atmosphere is one of a kind and can’t be passed up. Caprock has a unique enclosed balcony that is heated and cooled depending on the weather; Lubbock can get dipolar when the seasons change, and Caprock prepares for it. Both inside and outside give off a sense of Texas appreciation with their decor and meals.

an empty room of tables and chairs. Led lights and guitars on the wall, tables with silverware.

Story by Michelle Meyer, Campus Live intern

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