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Campus Live Restaurant Review Week 1/Season 1

In the debut of Campus Live’s Restaurant Review, Adrian, Allison, Charles, and Trint went to Something Different Grill. Located at 4317 50th Street in Lubbock, Texas, and now with five locations, the locally owned chain is quickly growing and definitely worth your time in money. With the review being done by yours truly, Trint Porter.  

        In the new series, we will review a restaurant once a week and critique the eating establishment on three things. Those three are the portion size for the amount paid, the overall taste of the drink and food, and the restaurant’s environment. The three will then be rated on a scale of one to five stars, with obviously one star being not so good and five stars being exceptional. 

Manager Review

        Before we sat down to eat at Something Different Grill, Trint spoke to the assistant general manager Brayan Parra who talked about the establishment’s three core values and how the small chain began. Originating in Portales, New Mexico, the restaurant then branched out to both Clovis, New Mexico, and now in Lubbock, Texas, for four years. The core values being consistency, quality, and convenience. By living by those values, Parra and others have been able to grow the company.  


        With an extensive menu, Something Different Grill offers a little bit of everything with various items. When opening the menu, fresh salads are the first things scene, and the chef salad is the most popular item in the category. The menu also contains a small variety of seafood and a fair variety of wraps and sandwiches. Another popular item in the pasta portion of the menu was the Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, accompanied by two slices of fresh garlic bread. 

        With half the menu now covered, the other half only seems to get better. The next category that looks delicious is Something Different Grill’s famous spuds. According to the menu, the most popular spud is the Jacked-Up Spud, which includes a mountain of Monterrey jack cheese, grilled chicken, green chili, and butter that comes together to make one of the most popular items on the menu. The menu also has a variety of desserts for your sweet tooth. 

Something Different Grill has something for all ages with a selection of kid’s meals as well. Then as suggested by Mr. Parra in the teriyaki bowl section, I tried the teriyaki chicken bowl. Saying it was the most popular item on the menu, the review was nothing short of perfection. 

Food Review 

        When the teriyaki chicken bowl was first brought out, and a sweet tea labeled on the menu as “the best tea in town,” my first impression was wow. As I first began to examine the food, I started looking at the quantity/serving size set before me. The meal came out in a large black bowl. With the rice on the bottom covered by sliced carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and chicken. With the meal’s presentation impressive by far and in a combination of the serving size. I would rate the portions 5/5 stars. I was full by the time I was ¾ of the way through the bowl, and after finishing the bowl, I can say without a doubt that for the price, the quantity is plentiful, in turn giving it a 5-star rating in the category. 

        Furthermore, as I ate the food, it was at the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold. I began by stirring all the vegetables, rice, and chicken together and then drizzled teriyaki and soy sauce into the bowl. Adding the soy sauce to the rice and teriyaki sauce to the chicken and veggies created that perfect blend of sweet and tangy to an amazing tasting bowl. My review for the taste would also match the serving size at a five out of five stars. 

        The last category that will be rated is the ambiance and environment of Something Different Grill. When you first enter the restaurant, something that is noticeable is the newness of the location. The theme that the business portrays inside is a very rustic vibe with modern linings. The rustic comes from much of the lightning with antique-style bulbs and cases. Then the modern chairs give a vibe that is cool and can pertain to everyone. Another aspect that is often I would give the atmosphere and environment another five stars. 


        Something Different Grill in Lubbock, Texas, in summary, is an excellent place to eat. With a variety of food selections on the menu, there is something for everyone of all ages. In the ratings, the portions were rated a 5 star. The taste was definite five stars and the restaurant’s environment to another five stars. In all, the restaurant averages five stars across the board, giving Campus Live’s first official restaurant review a 5 star. 

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Written by Campus Live Intern Trinity Porter 

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