Top 5 Things Only People Who Have Lived in LBK Will Understand

Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University.  Located several hundred miles from any metropolitan in either direction, there is no doubt the “Hub City” has a unique vibe to it.  Lubbock is far different from DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and doesn’t have a desire to be compared to any of those cities.  The town is loud and proud about their Red Raiders, cotton is a driving economic force for the region, and you’ll most likely encounter some of the friendliest folks in the state of Texas.  Here is our list of top things you’ll understand only if you’ve lived in Lubbock, TX.  We hope you enjoy.

 #1. Haboob.  Dictionary definition: a violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, especially in Sudan, bringing sand from the dessert. If you are from Lubbock or are here for school at Texas Tech, you know what the word haboob means.  With the weather about as strange as the people in Austin, living in West Texas is certainly not for wimps.  You can quite literally experience multiple seasons in one day, but this makes Lubbock a very special place. 

#2. Tortillas.  Sure we love tortillas, especially on taco Tuesday, but we also love to throw them on the field.  A beloved Red Raider tradition that only Tech and Lubbock people will understand.  If you’re a visiting opponent trying to make fun of the tradition like this fella, well you might want to think twice about how these things get snuck into the football stadium before placing it in your mouth.

#3. Broadway Shuffle.  One of the most common things I hear people talk about when they graduate and leave Lubbock.  Everyone remembers those nights when you made an appearance at every hangout spot on Broadway.  If you started with a Chimmy’s margarita, it might be a little harder to remember.  This beloved spot in Lubbock has a special place in every Red Raider. 

#4. Cotton.  When you first moved to Lubbock, your allergies went completely wild.  Cotton everywhere.  As time passed you probably became immune to it and eventually learned how big of an impact it has on West Texas.  You probably get nostalgic when you see fields of cotton reminding you of that small little piece of Raiderland.  The small town simple life Texas Tech calls home. 

#5. Tailgating.  Yes, we do it way better in Lubbock.  Other college tailgate scenes across the state do not compare to the craziness you’ll see Red Raider Nation put on for a football tailgate.  In recent years, even Tech baseball and basketball has started to see more and more tailgaters. There are no prettier girls in the state than a Texas Tech girl on game day, fans show up loud and proud, you’ll find the best BBQ in the state, and nothing is better than walking around amongst fellow Red Raider getting ready to cheer on our team. 

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