Young Professional Spotlight – Jacoby Madewell

Jacoby Madewell, of Keller Williams, is a young leader in the real estate industry in Lubbock, TX.

Lubbock is home to a thriving college and family scene, but something most people should take notice to, is the hidden com- munity of young professionals who play a significant role in the development of this great city.

Meet Jacoby Madewell, an energetic and successful real estate leader in the Lubbock community. We sat down with Jacoby in the Corona Premier Studios for a chat. Take a look at our Q&A below!

Q: Tell us about your story and where you’re from?

A: Well I’m from Canyon, Texas. I moved down to Lubbock after high school l in ’07 and attended Lubbock Christian University. Now, I am currently in my 6th year of real estate. You know, I had some trial and error after college but I always knew I wanted to be in this line of work. My family built houses and apartments growing up so it just felt natural.

Q: What lead you down the path of real estate?

A: Well, when you’re talking to your professional,s we make a lot of terrible decisions, we trust a lot of people just because we have optimistic futures and we think that someone with money is going to provide us that same path to make the same money they’ve made. So I trusted some people and put my faith and livli– hood into people I shouldn’t have and end- ed up miserable. I quit my job and went and waited tables and was the happiest I’d been in a long time. So, I said, “I’m just gonna wait tables and get my real-estate license.” It was a big problem for me to drop my pride. I always had good jobs but it wasn’t what I wanted and so that was the path to real estate for me, and now I’m in year number 6.

Q: Talk about the young professional scene here in LBK when so many want to run off to metroplex areas?

A: I would say that the people that run away never got involved with Lubbock when they were here because if you get involved with Lubbock when you’re here, you never want to leave it. Lubbock has
a structure that supports small business owners. Everyone here has an opportunity to succeed because the cost of living is low, housing is affordable, you can just come out and people will support the mom and pop before they support the franchises. So for people who are coming out of Tech and leave, I don’t think they’ve really given it a chance. Because you’re going back to Dallas or Austin and you’re trying to compete with people who have been doing this for 30 or 40 years and trying to catch up.

Q: What are some fun things you like to do in LBK?

A: Lubbock is a wine community. The commercial real estate guys I run with say in 20 years we’ll talk about Lubbock like we talk about Fredericksburg, so we do a lot of wine: Wine Nest, Funky Door, Llano, Caprock. There are also so many restau- rants here. I think there are the same number of restaurants per capita as LA, it’s a crazy amount of restaurants here so were just looking for a good meal with good friends. Our time is usually spent between good food, good friends and good drinks.

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