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Restaurant Review Number Two

        On Campus Live’s second episode of Restaurant Reviews, the team reviewed The Grill at Embassy Suites by Hilton. This time featuring Adrian Gutierrez, Charles Turman, Allison White, and Trint Porter from Campus Live. In the episode, the team sat down and enjoyed several dishes prepared by a world-class chef. 

        The process began with me (Trint Porter) sitting down with General Manager Walter Riggs and discussing what we were about to experience. Looking back, I had no clue what I was getting into, but it was one of the best eating experiences of my life. 


        The experience began with the team entering the hotel and seeing a one-of-a-kind environment. As you walk through the hotel, it feels like you have just stepped into an oasis in the desert that is Lubbock. With waterfalls and plants on either side when you walk in and sunroofs above letting in natural light, it presents a phenomenal environment and ambiance.  

        When you walk further, you see the full-service bar that guests can utilize in the evenings with drinks on the house during specific hours. The bar itself has a lovely countertop with a giant selection of almost every kind of alcohol. Behind the bar was the bartender, who was very knowledgeable about the adult beverages. After drinking the beverage, I can attest that she was very knowledgeable and offered top-tier service for all guests. 

        Along with the physical features, there is also the environment created by the staff. We were greeted politely by every employee that walked by. That feature in many restaurants, I feel, can be hard to find. With it being a restaurant and a hotel, it gives you that sense that you are at home and the employees are glad for you to be there! 

        Overall, I would rate the environment/ambiance at The Grill at Embassy Suites by Hilton of the restaurant and hotel 5/5 stars and would be an excellent staycation. 


        When the dishes began to come out, all four of us were appalled by the quality and presentation of the food. We were brought plate after plate, and while some of the dishes looked familiar with things like wings, other things some of us had never seen or experienced before. 

        While the meal portions could be hard to judge since we were eating gourmet meals, it was not. While many of the gourmet entrees were smaller in size, they were very filling. An excellent example of this was that four of us could not finish all the plates that sat in front of us. Overall, the portions were fantastic and worth every penny, and I would rate it 5/5 stars. 


        We began our eating journey with a cheese charcuterie board for an appetizer with various things on the dish. Some of those included a variety of cheeses, fig jam, and various bite-size eats. The plate itself was phenomenal and had done dairy judging in the past with various milk and cheeses. I found myself in heaven as I dug into the plate. Then was followed by another dish that included garlic parmesan truffle fries. As a young adult who eats out a fair amount and has had a fair share of fries, I can now say that the fries presented were arguably the best I had ever tasted. The plate was loaded with fries, and then with the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top made it an excellent dish. 

        We then moved onto the sweet Thai chili pepper wings, which were exquisite. They were bone-in, and they were definitely fall off the bone and were seasoned and cooked perfectly. As a wing lover, this was one of my favorite dishes throughout the entire course and is something I would recommend. 

        After finishing the appetizer part of the experience, we began the entrée part of the meal. Head chef Anthony described it as an experience that will take you from Greece to Ethiopia then, Ethiopia to Japan. The dishes can be found on the part of the international shares of the menu and did not disappoint. 

Taste Pt 2

        The first two dishes we tried were Greece to Ethiopia, which were also my favorite. The dish featured Berber spiced shrimp that was served over cheesy grits with herb karabi slaw. The taste and combination of the grits and shrimp that were seasoned perfectly were made to perfection. I cannot compliment this particular dish enough; I would give it a definite must-try. 

        The next entrée that was served was Ethiopia to Japan. This dish featured a togarashi roasted seaweed with a crusted yellowfin tuna with avocado wasabi and pickled ginger. I believe this particular dish was one of the most unique. The combination of the roasted seaweed along with the yellowfin tuna was a fantastic combination of the two. I believe the taste and texture brought it together to have an excellent dish. 

        We also were able to try the grilled chicken quarter dish. This was also cooked just right and was fall off the bone. It had a chef signature seasoning that was served with rice and roasted broccolini. Adding the side of rice and broccolini brought the meal together and was an excellent dish. 

        Overall, I would give the test of all the dishes presented a 5/5 and was some of the best food I have ever eaten. I would highly recommend it, to not only hotel guests but for everyone. 


While eating, the team was given cocktails to sample. Each of those cocktails presented a different taste of their own. The drinks that were given were a lemon drop cocktail which was amazing. It had a very citrusy taste and is a must-try. We were also given a vanilla creme martini that had a unique flavor. The creme aspect made it very smooth going down; that was a great beverage. The third beverage provided was an old-fashioned classic—prepared to perfection. If you are unsure what you would like to drink that is the drink for you. The last beverage given was crown apple and sprite. This was also an excellent cocktail and if you are looking to try something new is worth a try. 


        After sitting down and talking to General Manager Walter Riggs and conversing with much of the staff, I highly recommend eating at The Grill at Embassy Suites by Hilton. Located at 5215 S Loop 289, the restaurant depicts a tropical getaway and would be a great trip whether you are from out of town or are just looking for a staycation. 

        The food portions were excellent and, in a combination of the taste, created many beautiful dishes. Overall, on the second-ever episode of Campus Live Restaurant Reviews, I would rate everything presented 5/5 stars. 

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Written by Campus Live Intern Trinity Porter 

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