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Texas Tech Rodeo Heads to Cooks Garage

photo of the back of a the Texas Tech rodeo team vest

The Texas Tech Rodeo Association will host its 74th Annual Rodeo 

The Texas Tech Rodeo will start Thursday, October 28, and run through Saturday, October 30. The rodeo will be at Cooks Garage, followed by a concert.

Day 1

The rodeo will start on Thursday, October 28. Gates open at 5 p.m., and the rodeo begins at 6:30. 

Following the rodeo is the Rodeo Revival. The tickets for Thursday’s event are free and open to the public.

Day 2

On the second day, Friday, October 29, Texas Tech College Rodeo begins at 6:30. The concert will start after the rodeo, and the time varies depending on the number of contestants. 

In addition, the tickets for the second day are $30 plus a $4.78 tax fee, but kids 12 and under are free. The concert is outdoors, which requires a clear bag. According to the Cooks Garage website, once the show starts, there is no re-entry. 

Furthermore, the Fridays lineup for the concert consists of Carson Jeffrey and Kenny Feidler, both country artists.

Day 3

Finally, on the third day, Saturday, October 30, Texas Tech College Rodeo begins at 6:30. Like the day before, the concert time will depend on the number of contestants for the day. 

Prices are the same as day two; kids 12 and under are free, and everyone else is $30 apiece plus the $4.78 tax fee. 

In addition, Mike Ryan is the only performer for Saturday’s rodeo. Ryan is a country singer, songwriter, and guitarist from San Antonio, Texas.  

Texas Tech Rodeo Association 

The Texas Tech Rodeo Association began in 1947 and has hosted a rodeo every year since. As such, it is tradition with some team members being third generation members.

Furthermore, the team competes against 16 of the most challenging schools in the nation, and they travel to a total of 10 rodeos for one school year. 

Visit the Cooks Garage website for more information about dates, tickets, and entry fees.

Also, visit the Texas Tech Rodeo Association’s Facebook for more updates, competitions, and scores.

Compare the details of last year’s rodeo here.

Story by Campus Live Intern Kaelea Pena

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