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Texas Tech Public Art: We are in the Business of Changing the World

Photo by Campus Live Intern Jacob Lee

At Texas Tech University, the sculpture We are in the Business of Changing the World grasps the attention of viewers. It stands boldly next to the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University and is one of the most captivating sculptures in the city of Lubbock. Above all, the sculpture represents how the different aspects of business across the globe work in a complex manner.

The Structure of We are in the Business of Changing the World

The sculpture is of two collections of stainless steel pipes that originate from opposing sides. They both form arches and flow upwards. Consequently, the pipes create an informal archway that viewers can walk underneath. Meanwhile, a bronze bear and a stainless steel bull stand on opposing sides at the origins of the pipes.

In addition, on the ground underneath the sculpture, there are six bronze plates in a circle. These plates each display a symbol of a commodity that’s essential to the city of Lubbock. The symbols are of a pig, a cow, corn, wheat, oil, and fruit. Meanwhile, on the ground surrounding the sculpture, there is a concrete ring. Moreover, on the ring, there are four evenly spaced sentences. They are, “We are in the business of changing the world,” “They never thought small,” “The boardroom just got a lot bigger,” and “You are already making a difference.”

The Story Behind We are in the Business of Changing the World

Artists Tara Conley and Joe Barrington created We are in the Business of Changing the World. Conley is an artist from Houston, Texas. Barrington is an artist from Throckmorton, Texas. In 2011, they received the commission to create this sculpture from Texas Tech University. In 2013, Texas Tech installed We are in the Business of Changing the World onto its campus. Currently, this is the largest public art commission that Texas Tech has executed.

The sculpture contains pipes that flow upwards in a wild direction, with a bear on one side and a bull on the other side. The two arches are composed of 240 pieces. While discussing the sculpture’s design, Conley stated, “Not only does this portray the volatile nature of the market, but also the energy and the breadth that goes into every business.” 


In conclusion, We are in the Business of Changing the World is a large sculpture that’s impossible not to recognize. Overall, it uniquely pays tribute to the world of business and offers its audience an appealing viewing experience. If you’re ever on the Texas Tech campus, be sure to check out the most prominent sculpture that they have to offer!

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Written by Campus Live intern Jacob Lee

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