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Texas Tech Public Art: Agave Dreams

A Unique Sculpture

In the heart of the Texas Tech University campus, you’ll find one of the unique sculptures that exist in Lubbock, “Agave Dreams.” “Agave Dreams” is a sculpture at Texas Tech University that pays tribute to humanity’s relationship with science. It’s a sculpture with distinct features. It also has a calming complexion that anyone can appreciate. The sculpture is located right next to the Biology building on the campus.

Texas Tech University installed the sculpture on July 30, 2015. Artist Julian Voss-Andreae created the sculpture. Voss-Andreae is a German sculptor working in the U.S. In addition to “Agave Dreams”, Voss-Andreae has created many other sculptures. Other universities in the U.S. have installed some of his sculptures on their campuses. “Agave Dreams” is the first sculpture that Voss-Andreae was commissioned for by Texas Tech University.

The Structure of “Agave Dreams”

The sculpture is 10 feet tall. It’s of a female figure kneeling with her hands stretched out. Inside the figure’s hands is an agave plant. The figure’s entire body is blue, but her hands and face are silver.

Over 1,000 laser-cut pieces of stainless steel comprise the sculpture. All of the stainless steel pieces that form the structure are triangular-shaped. As a result, 3D scanning and computer software were used to cut the pieces. Composing the sculpture’s body is a small number of large triangular pieces. However, the face and hands are composed of a large number of small triangular pieces.

The Story Behind “Agave Dreams”

Texas Tech University asked Voss-Andreae to create the sculpture in 2014. Afterwards, he started designing the sculpture in June 2014. Then, he started physically crafting the sculpture in February 2015. The given budget for the artwork was $77,000.

Above all, there is a resonating story behind the sculpture. Within the female figure’s hand is an agave plant. She is blessing the plant and showing it care. Therefore, her actions show that she may be trying to give back to nature. Likewise, the figure’s body was made the color blue to represent water and the sky. According to Voss-Andreae, “Through her gesture of blessing the plant, “Agave Dreams” encourages us to question our attitude toward nature and the entire web of life.”


“Agave Dreams” is a unique sculpture that has a spectacular creation and backstory. It’s fittingly right next to the Biology building since the sculpture honors nature. So, if you’re ever on the Texas Tech University campus, be sure to check out this sculpture.

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Written by Campus Live Intern Jacob Lee

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