Reach your Fitness Goals in Lubbock

Campus Live compiled a list of fun places to workout in the Lubbock area. Photo created by: Campus Live Creative Media Team

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start getting that summer body ready! Although finding a gym can be a challenge itself, Campus Live has some great places for you to check out if you’re stumped in finding a gym that also makes the workouts both fun and exciting.

Nick’s Fight Club

The first place we would recommend is Nick’s Fight Club. As the name suggests, it focuses primarily on boxing, but the boxing workouts themselves are designed to increase mental health and your overall well being. These workouts are designed to be effective for fat shredding, weight loss, building strong, toned muscles all over your body, improving cardiovascular fitness, and just reducing overall stress. It’s not as if youre doing this by yourself either. There are classes at all hours of the day from open to close, so trainers are always readily available to help reach your fitness goals. On top of all the boxing classes, they do have a complete free weight area to help further reach your fitness goals. With all this, it’s hard to see how Nick’s Fight Club isn’t an ideal place to work out.

Pure Barre

But if you aren’t feeling the boxing aspects and would rather have more of a functional workout that works your body using small precise movements, then Pure Barre is the place for you. They offer four unique classes, all designed as high intensity full body workouts that tone muscles and improve your strength, flexibility and overall cardio. Each class has a unique aspect to it, the foundations class being tailored more toward beginners, the classic class being the straight full body workout designed to tone and strengthen your body, the pure empower class is designed to improve cardio by also adding weight elements to the full body workout, and the pure reform class that uses mainly resistance training to target and strengthen all major muscle groups. All in all, Pure Barre is a surefire way to get that toned body you wanted without the bulk so it’s definitely a place to look into.

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We know finding the perfect gym can be challenging, so hopefully these places we suggested give you the body you’ve always wanted. These locations are guaranteed to give you the perfect body while also having fun and unique ways to raise strength and improve your cardio. Overall the choice is yours, but hopefully we gave you an idea of what to look for if you want fun and exciting places to work out!

Story written by: Anthony Rodriguez – Creative Media Intern for Campus Live

Contact Anthony: [email protected]

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