2019-2020 Texas Tech Men’s Basketball Season Review

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez of Campus Live. Jahmi’us Ramsey shooting for the layup against TCU.

It’s been a pretty good season for the Texas Tech Red Raider Basketball team. Currently ranked 3rd in the Big 12 with a record of 8-5 in conference play, 17-9 overall, Texas Tech has shown that it is still a team to look out for. Having notable wins and, admittedly many close losses, Tech continues to show that it deserves to be near the top of the pack. 

With a record of 8-5 in conference play, Tech etched out wins over notable teams such as TCU, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas state to name a few. There were many games that showed the Big 12 that Tech is worthy to be considered a top team. Whenever they got the opportunity, they showed that they can put on the pressure when needed and etched out decisive wins against most big 12 teams. The most notable of these being the second game versus TCU. Tech refused to let up the pressure and halted all of TCU’s attempts to gain momentum. In the end, Texas Tech defeated TCU decisively with a score of 88-42. 

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez of Campus Live. Clarence Nadolny driving for the basket against TCU.

Despite notable wins, Tech also has a few losses that could’ve gone to the Red Raiders. Almost all of the losses Tech accumulated in conference play were within the 5 point range, such as with Kentucky, Oklahoma State, and Kansas. Given that, there is no loss particularly heartbreaking as any of the aforementioned games were heartbreakers because of how close they were. Tech could’ve had those names as wins, but unfortunately couldn’t pick up the pace enough to squeeze out those wins. 

Regardless, Tech is still deserving of top 3 in the rankings and there are still a few games left in this season to prove this, and what better way to continue this by taking down our next opponent Iowa State on their own turf. On top of this, when it comes to March Madness, we have high hopes for our Red Raiders to once again advance far in the tournament. Many sports analysts have Texas Tech predicted as the Number 7 or 8 seed, which puts the Red Raiders in a good spot to make a run in March.

All in all, Tech has had a good season this year, and hopefully it can keep this upward momentum going for the rest of the season. 

Story written by Anthony Rodriguez, Creative Media for Campus Live.

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