Academic Spotlight- Business Administration in Management

Business Administration in Management is in the Jerry S. Rawl’s College of Business

Texas Tech University is home to 10 Academic Colleges, 76 majors, and over 38,000 students. Each of them pursuing a degree that they are passionate about. Each College, whether it is the College of Education, the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts, or the Jerry S. Rawl’s College of Business Administration you will find determined students. Students who realize that Texas Tech’s catch phrase “from here it’s possible,” is true. Students at Texas Tech University are prepared for success from the moment they step on campus until they walk the stage. 

We wanted to take some time and spotlight the Jerry S. Rawl’s College of Business and their Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. This major allows students to learn the skills of managing a team. The curriculum focuses on strategy, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills. Leadership skills that are needed in order to lead an effective group of diverse people towards a common goal. The Management major has three distinct paths that students can take; general management, entrepreneurship, or human resource management. This major stands well alone, or can serve as an excellent double major to enhance your success in whatever career you pursue.

I was able to get some more insight from Nikki Bohannon, the Associate Director of Management within the Jerry S. Rawl’s College of Business.

What kind of career path can a student pursue in this degree?

Area of Management curriculum delivers an applicable knowledge of relevant and diverse business practices and topics for students. The program is designed to help them lead teams, foster innovation at work, and develop a competitive edge for their companies in the marketplace.  Students can pursue career paths in both the public and private sectors, throughout various industries and organizational types. And also within different departments of those organizations.  Some of the most common ones include human resource management, retail, store and brand management, new product development, management consulting, entrepreneurship, family business management, and venture capitalism. 

What impact does this degree have in the workforce?

Students pursuing an Area of Management degree in the Rawls College of Business, are provided with experiential learning opportunities. Topics such as business environments, strategic management, conflict and negotiation, human resources, family business and entrepreneurship. Then you have innovation and change processes, international management, organizational behavior, managing teams, and leadership and ethics.  They may also elect to participate in study abroad and internship experiences. They can pursue concentrations in either Human Resource Management or Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation, or certificates in International Business or Leadership.

Regardless of the chosen career path, a degree in Management offers opportunities for managers to better understand and improve the organizations they work in. While also the behaviors of those they work with, and how to be more effective leaders in both their current roles and future ones. 

For more information on a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, check out their university page.

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