A Look Back at 2018 – Our Founders Note

Wow. What a year we’ve had in 2018.

Campus Live was formed with one goal in mind. To truly redefine how Texas Tech fans are connected to the school they love dearly. Tech fans are some of the most dedicated, passionate, and unique fans in the country. The mission of Campus Live is to inform, engage, and have fun with the campus community of Texas Tech.

Campus Live was founded on November 10th, 2017. What started as a primarily print publication, has now formed into a full grown collegiate media brand with multi-platform ways to engage with Red Raider fans throughout the city of Lubbock and beyond.

I am Marcus Pauda, proud Texas Tech alumni, Lubbock native, and founder of Campus Live.

Looking back on 2018 has been quite surreal. After a fun career working in college sports and working for various collegiate programs across the country, I moved back to my hometown of Lubbock, TX, to follow a dream I had of a collegiate media brand.

Scary? Absolutely. I hit the ground running and trying to explain my vision of Campus Live to anyone who would listen. Building a media company from the ground up is no joke. I got support from close family, friends, and colleagues, but I also got many smirks.

The biggest lesson throughout this journey has been to do right by people, work hard to deliver the absolute best, and follow your heart no matter what.

Our first issue of Campus Live launched on February 1st, 2018. I had finally convinced a few Texas Tech students to come work for us at Campus Live, and before I knew it, one connection lead to another, and so on.

Spring came around and we found ourselves launching an exciting new TV broadcast called Campus Live TV. This platform was a unique way we felt we could deliver the news to Tech fans via short videos, and it sure was a hit.

After working hard and staying up many countless nights, we began to spark some advertising interest from well respected companies in Lubbock. This was monumental for Campus Live in terms of how we fund our brand.

I always knew I wanted Campus Live to have a presence at many schools. Sure enough, we found ourselves expanding the brand to Fort Worth, TX, for Campus Live TCU. You heard that correctly, we now have a Campus Live at TCU.

What started as a small dream being launched in Lubbock, TX, has now spread 300 miles away in Fort Worth to deliver the very best to TCU fans as well.

If you would have asked me what I expected for Campus Live in year one when I first launched the company, it definitely would not have been an exciting and dynamic media brand, 8 amazing employees, and two schools. For this, I sincerely say thank you.

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