TV Shows to Binge Watch During Pandemic

Binge watch these shows on Netflix or Hulu.

Times today are chaotic, to say the least. This just means a lot of people are stuck at home. This also means more time to do at home activities you couldn’t have done before. Whether it’s playing games, learning a new skill or even exercising like crazy, people have a lot of free time to do whatever they want. In the same vain, people now have time to watch shows they wouldn’t have had time to watch before. Even with people stuck at home, there are countless new shows coming out almost every month. With that, the Campus Live staff joined forces, and put together a list of each of their favorite shows to binge while stuck at home. These shows can be found on either Netflix or Hulu so if you have one or the other, you’ll be ok.

Anthony’s’ Picks

My Hero Academia

I’m quite the big anime fan and because of that I recommend the anime My Hero Academia. The plot is quite simple actually. It’s all about this specific class of high schoolers with superpowers, or quirks as the show calls it. They learn all about how to become a hero in their society as well as how to enhance their quirks to make them stronger. Not only is it a charismatic coming of age show but there are a variety of colorful characters and the action in the show is spectacular. The music and animation are also spot on and just add more to the show. All in all, this show is available on Hulu both subbed and dubbed and you won’t regret watching this show.

Solar Opposites

The second show is also on Hulu and is one of their newest originals. It’s a new show from the same creators of Rick and Morty called Solar Opposites. It follows a group of aliens who crash landed on Earth trying to adjust to life on a new planet. I will say it is quite a short show with only 8 episodes. Despite that, each episode is filled with so much humor and character without feeling too cluttered with content. On top of that, this show is hysterical. It has a lot of the same humor as Rick and Morty, but also feels very different with its own charm.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

The next show i want to recommend is one of Netflix’s original Documentaries titled Formula 1: Drive to Survive. There’s only 2 seasons as of now but each season follows one full season of Formula 1. It provides a lot of insight as to what goes into the behind the scenes of each team as well as presents what goes through a driver’s mind when not in the car. Plus, it shows highlights of different races in the perspective of different drivers. There’s always something different and after you finish the show, you’ll probably end up as a New Formula 1 fan.

Greenhouse Academy

The last show I want to recommend from Netflix is Greenhouse Academy. Now when I first started watching this show I didn’t think much of it. After the first episode though, I was hooked. It follows this prestigious high school in California and what these kids experience. It may seem like nothing on the surface, but there is actually a lot more that happens throughout each season. These kids are always in some sort of peril though one way or another. It manages to keep you on your toes while the normal high school stuff is happening. The episodes are short too so even with 4 seasons, you won’t be spending too much time on the show.

Regan’s Picks

Money Heist

I binged this show in May and was not disappointed! Money Heist is a Netflix original set in Spain/Europe. It really has it all, from action, suspense, to a little romance on the side. Without giving away too much and ruining it, I’ll give you a basic description. A group of bandits and misfits, all with certain talents, come together to heist the Royal Mint of Spain. It intertwines story lines, and adds quite a few twists. If you’re in the mood for action and some WTF moments I recommend watching this show.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This show is a dark Hulu Original. Three seasons center around mostly women in a dystopian universe. (dystopian definition- imagining or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering and injustice) The series takes place in the future, but emphasizes heavily on gender roles that have been around for centuries. The U.S. government is overthrown, and the territory is renamed Gilead. Here, the wealthy men that have overthrown the previous government place strict societal roles on its citizens and force them into different forms of slavery. This show really has all the feels, and it’s so much more complicated than I could ever describe. If you want to be roped in from the start and be left with a queasy feeling about this crazy future scenario, check it out! 

The Floor is Lava

When you want something light with a few laughs you should watch this Netflix original! This challenging obstacle us based on the childhood game, and losing, is being eliminated when you fall into the lava. Each episode, three different teams all compete on the same course, with the course changing between episodes. The teams all have two/three players and are competing for a prize of $10,000! To win you have to get the get the most amount of your players across, as quick as you can. These courses are definitely not easy with slippery, spinning, small surfaces designed in themes like “bedroom” “kitchen” and “study”, but it is definitely entertaining. And if you’re anything like me, you might find yourself mentally forming your team while you’re watching, and looking up tryouts for the next season(as of right now, there’s no announcement of a season 2 so who knows).

Maky’s Picks

My guilty pleasure is definitely TV. If you have Hulu you have got to watch Little Fires Everywhere and Little Big Lies. They are two of the greatest suspense drama shows ever made! There are so many options on Netflix, but I definitely recommend The Politician and Unbelievable. Netflix has many great originals, but these two shows are engaging and reveal a lot of truths about our society.

Marcus’s Pick


Hey Campus Live, I recently started watching the show, Riverdale, on Netflix. I know I’m a bit behind, but I’m glad I randomly stumbled across it. If you want a show that has thrills, big twists and turns, drama, and adventure, I would highly recommend you give it a watch. The show takes place in the small town of Riverdale and portrays the life of a group of high schoolers dealing with everyday life along with dramatic twists as they try to save their small town from crime and struggles. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

All in all, these shows are sure to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home. Plus each one has a different feel to it so you’ll have plenty of variety. If you were feeling unsure of what to watch while stuck at home, hopefully this list helps you start one you weren’t sure about.

Story and opinion piece by Campus Live staff.

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