TTU Basketball Players In The Pros

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TTU Men’s Basketball Players In The Pros

TTU Basketball has a rich history of success with their players after their collegiate careers and now are players in the pros. These players stretch from overseas leagues all the way to the NBA G-League and the regular NBA. 

The three players that are currently activate in either the g-league or NBA are Jarrett Culver, Mac McMclung, and Jahmi’us Ramsey. Other players that are playing overseas include players such as Davide Moretti, T.J. Holyfield, and Keenan Evans, just to name a few. While competing at one of the highest levels in the world. The six have made the Texas Tech fanbase proud and look to continue their growth as basketball players. 

NBA Players

Jarrett Culver

        Starting with the only player of the bunch who is an active NBA player, Jarrett Culver. After being selected as the number 23rd overall pick. And spending his first two years with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was recently traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. In Culver’s rookie campaign with the Timberwolves, he played in 63 games and would average 9.2 points per game. Then in his sophomore season with the Timberwolves, Culver would face adversity while fighting an injury. While fighting adversity, he would only play 34 games and averaged 5.3 points per game. After getting healthy, look for Culver to join Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies as they will attempt to get into the playoffs after being snubbed in the 2020 season. 

Mac McClung

        Mac McClung is another Texas Tech Basketball player who only spent a year with the program but has made giant leaps in his progression. Being at Georgetown for two seasons, McClung, who transferred to Texas Tech, would spend one season with the Red Raiders and then forgo the NBA Draft. After not hearing his name called on draft night, McClung would receive an offer from the Los Angeles Lakers. 

        After an impressive NBA summer league, McClung has impressed many with his athleticism and ability to score and defend. So, with the NBA season right around the corner, keep an eye on Mac McClung as he looks to take the league by storm. 

Jahmi’us Ramsey

        When talking about current Texas Tech players in the NBA, one name that cannot be forgotten is Jahmi’us Ramsey. Drafted 43rd overall in the 2020 draft, Ramsey was selected by the Sacramento Kings. He has since proven that he can play with some of the best. Originally from Duncanville, Texas, as a freshman at Texas Tech, he averaged 15 points, started 27 games, and was stunning with his athleticism. 

        As of late, Ramsey helped lead his team to a summer league championship. In the five games he played, Ramsey scored in double digits and ended up as the team’s leading scorer. 

        With a summer league championship added to his resume and leading the team in points, Ramsey will look to the regular season. With that, look for Ramsey to have a breakout season in the NBA as Ramsey, like McClung, looks to take the NBA by storm. 

Overseas TTU Basketball Players in the Pros

Davide Moretti 

One of the more popular players from recent times that had an enormous contribution is Davide Moretti. Helping lead the team to several March Madness runs, including a final four appearance as well as an elite eight. After playing and graduating from Texas Tech, the Italian Native would return home to play for Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro. After bouncing around in the Italian League, Moretti is preparing for his time to shine as he will look to improve to further his career. 

T.J. Holyfield 

The next former Texas Tech player overseas is T.J. Holyfield. While his time at Texas Tech was brief, he substantially impacted the Red Raiders under former Head Coach Chris Beard. After not getting drafted in the 2020 draft Holyfield would then head overseas, where he now plays for EWE Baskets Oldenburg in Germany. While playing well, he would turn heads and will look to continue improving as he looks to one day be in the NBA. 

Kennan Evans 

Another Texas Tech legend that, like the others played under Head Coach Chris Beard, is Keenan Evans. Evans, like Moretti, would have an enormous impact on the team. As he would help lead them to an elite eight. After going undrafted in 2018, the Texas Native would sign a two-way contract with the Detroit Pistons. But this would be short-lived. After being released, Evans would head overseas and join an Israeli league where he now plays for Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv. While not yet seeing action Evans will look to bounce back as he looks to work back into the NBA. 

Overall over TTU Basketball Players in the Pros

        Overall, Mac McClung, Jahmi’us Ramsey, and Jarrett Culver have showed up and out through their time in the NBA and summer league. On the other side, Davide Moretti, T.J. Holyfield, and Keenan Evans have done the same overseas. With all six relatively young, look for the six to progress as they will look to make names for themselves and represent TTU’s Basketball players in the pros.

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Story by Campus Live Employee Trinity Porter

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