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Texas Tech Public Art: Square Spiral Arch

Photo of the Square Spiral Arch
Photo by Campus Live intern Jacob Lee

Square Spiral Arch at Texas Tech University

Square Spiral Arch: A Portal of Discovery is a spectacular sculpture in Lubbock. The sculpture at Texas Tech University is located on the campus next to the Biology building. This sculpture has a striking appearance and is a recognizable piece of artwork on the Texas Tech campus. In 2006, Texas Tech University installed Square Spiral Arch. The sculpture represents a “portal of discovery” that will spark the creativity of anyone that views it.

The Structure of Square Spiral Arch

This sculpture stands 24 feet tall. It’s also composed of granite. The sculpture is an arch that has a square entry in its center. In addition, it stands directly over a sidewalk. This allows viewers to walk through it while admiring its complexion.

Jesus Morales is the artist behind this sculpture. Morales was an artist that was best known for his sculptures that are composed of granite. He was born in Corpus Christi and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas. Morales created many sculptures that have received critical acclaim. He notably received the National Medal of Arts from former President George W. Bush in 2008.

This sculpture is a notable highlight of Morales’ portfolio and an astounding piece of artwork he provided for Lubbock. Texas Tech University also commissioned him to create Lapstrake Gateway: A Portal of Discovery, which is a companion piece for Square Spiral Arch. As a result, Texas Tech University installed Lapstrake Gateway in 2005. This was the year before Square Spiral Arch was installed onto the campus.


In conclusion, Square Spiral Arch is a unique sculpture with an appealing design. Meant to be a “Portal of Discovery,” it provides a great essence that will inspire the creative minds of viewers looking to explore and learn. If you’re ever on the Texas Tech campus, be sure to check out this astounding sculpture!

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Written by Campus Live intern Jacob Lee

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