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Texas Tech Public Art: Run

Graphic os the "RUN" statue outside of the Jones
Graphic by Campus Live Graphic Designer Zach Dallas

A Unique Sculpture

Run, is one of the most fascinating sculptures in Lubbock and can be found right next to the Jones AT&T Stadium on the Texas Tech University campus. Inspired by Texas Tech track athletes, Run is a sculpture that stands out at Texas Tech University. As a result, It’s a bold sculpture that highlights athleticism.

Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead are the artists who created Run. The budget for it was $450,000. Texas Tech University installed the sculpture on its campus in 2017.

The Structure of Run

The sculpture is 12 feet tall and is of a female figure running in five stages. Most people see that there are five figures upon first glancing at it. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that it’s actually supposed to be a figure running in five stages. In these five stages, the figure is going further in motion and becoming more distinct in appearance with each stage as they run. The structure represents the motion of the runner by utilizing steel bars on the side of its body.

The structure of this sculpture is complex. The artists built it with laser-cut pieces of stainless steel. Furthermore, it is held together by steel pins with pieces of steel configured using 3-D rendering. The color of the structure is grey since the sculpture is entirely made of stainless steel. However, there are red LED lights on the sculpture that light it up at night. This honors one of Texas Tech University’s official school colors, red.


Run is a unique sculpture that intricately exhibits the development of a runner. It’s appropriately placed next to the Jones AT&T stadium and is nothing short of a visual spectacle for those who come across it. If you’re ever on the Texas Tech University campus, be sure to check out this sculpture!

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Written by Campus Live Intern Jacob Lee

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