The Best Golf Courses in Lubbock

A four square photo of some of the best golf courses in Lubbock, showing greens, tee boxes, and water hazards

The Best Places to Golf in Lubbock

Looking for a place to golf in Lubbock is an easy task. Golf is an activity almost everyone can play. Many take advantage of golf in many different ways. From the relaxing aspect of being outdoors and competing with yourself or others, to the party aspect of grabbing a few buddies and shotgunning a beer at all 18 holes. Golf can be fun! And with several other popular activities restricted, golf stays open.

When the COVID19 pandemic entered its business shutdown phase, businesses like gyms, restaurants, bars, amusement parks all ceased operations. Essential businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, car dealerships, hospitals all remained open, and golf courses.

So maybe it’s time to borrow or buy some clubs and check out some of these courses!

The Rawls Course

3720 4th St, Lubbock, TX 79415

(806) 742-4653

Length of 7,349 yards

The Rawls Course is the official Texas Tech campus course. In addition to its TTU endorsement, it’s been voted by GolfWeek as the #2 public golf course in Texas, and #3 best campus course in the country. Although it is a pricier option in Lubbock, the quality of the course outweighs the money spent. For weekdays tee time prices range between $37-$75, with the price increasing on Friday, and weekend/holidays. Depending on the time of day, on Friday, Sat/Sun and holidays the price ranges between $39-$82.

Shadow Hills Golf Course

6002 3rd St, Lubbock, TX 79416

(806) 793-9700

Length of 6,777 yards

Located just down the road from the Rawls, this par 72 golf course is a local favorite because of the prices. This course has splatters of trees and challenging holes for all players. Price for a weekday round of golf ranges between morning/ early afternoon at $17 ($29 w/ cart) and $25 for the twilight rates. On weekends, the price comes up to a $27 green fee ($39 w/ cart) and $29 for the twilight hours.

Meadowbrook Canyon Creek Golf Club

601 E Municipal Dr, Lubbock, TX 79403

(806) 765-6679

Canyon Course: Length of 6,522 yards

Creek Course: Length of 6,329

Meadowbrook is located on the intersection of I-27 and Marsha Sharp, offering two 18-hole courses. The Canyon Course, which is the original Meadowbrook course is a par 72. The Creek course is a par 70 that challenges each level of golfer. Both courses offer tree and water hazards throughout and be sure to keep your eyes out for the local prairie dogs living and digging up the courses. The price for each course is only a few dollars difference, with weekday prices for the Canyon course ranging between $15-$33, compared to the Creek course with prices ranging $15-$30. On Saturday the prices remain similar but on Sunday the prices range between $37-$40.

Lubbock Country Club

3400 Mesa Rd, Lubbock, TX 79403

(806) 762-0414

The Lubbock Country Club has been the premier private county club for the area for the past 100 years. Dating back from 1921, the Country Club has the oldest Championship golf course in Lubs. Unfortunately, if you want to play this course in Lubbock, you must be a member.

Reese Golf Center

1406 Quitsna Ave, Lubbock, TX 79416

(806) 885-1247

Length of 6,367 yards

This course is located on an old military base and gives you the opportunity to spot old airplane runways from certain holes. Designed in 1997, this course boasts about its quality of grass compared to other courses in Lubbock and provides a wide-open course for players. If you’re playing during the day on a weekday Tee times W/ carts run for about $28 and drop as low as $14 the later the tee time. On the weekend prices jump up to about $40 for the day and get cheaper as the day goes on.

Hillcrest Golf and Country Club

4011 N Boston Ave, Lubbock, TX 79408

(806) 765-6601

Length of 7,010 yards

This par 72 course is another members-only course in Lubbock founded in 1953. As of now it has kept its traditional course layout from when it was first built. This country club is more relaxed than the Lubbock Country Club without any houses surrounding the course compared to Lakeridge.

Lakeridge Country Club

8802 Vicksburg Ave, Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 794-4444

Lakeridge, like other country clubs require you to be a member to play this course. This course is somewhat short and narrow with houses surrounded you but is definitely a high-quality course in Lubbock. This course is in the south part of Lubbock and has definitely become a popular place to play.

8802 Vicksburg Ave, Lubbock, TX 79424

(806) 794-4444

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