Fashion Feature with J Roberts

Photo Credit:  J Roberts

As a boutique in Lubbock for the past five years that has grown in popularity, J Roberts may be known for their amazing sale section and the perfect location to get any outfit you may need.

J Roberts employees, Kim Halsted, and Hannah Stanaland discussed their thoughts on the store.

  • How would you describe J Roberts?
    • I would say our clothes are fun and flirty, above anything. Eclectic, trendy, and classic. We have something for everyone because we have middle school girls shop with us for a function to women in their 50s for their wedding anniversary.
  • What kind of items do you offer in store?
    • We get new things on the floor almost every day. Our whole store can practically be redone in a month with all new things. The turnover of our clothes is big. We only get two articles of each size for every clothing piece, so they go fast. We market in LA, so we shop from vendors all over. We have clothes, accessories, backpacks, purses, and shoes.
  • How would you describe the style for Texas Tech football games?
    • Definitely casual cute – people will wear a T-shirt and a denim skirt or overall, and you can always dress it up with earrings or accessories. There are logo tees, cute tops, and jeans. It’s always safe to stick to Tech colors (red, black and white). We have clear purses here too! We have everything from the casual to anything if you want to dress it up a bit.
Story by:  Brianna Maldonado 

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