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Get to Know Me – TTU’s New Student Body President

Meet Sean Lewis, Texas Tech’s new Student Body President for Student Government Association (SGA).
We had the chance to sit down with Sean in a new feature we call, Get to Know Me.

We had a blast hanging out with Sean, getting to know his thoughts on Texas Tech from a student perspective, and touring his office. Check out our Q&A with Sean below.

Question: What do you love most about being a Red Raider?
Answer: I’d say it would have to be the people and how welcoming and
loving they are here. We all come together for one common cause and that cause is that we’re all Texas Tech University and proud Red Raiders across the country.

Question: Why did you choose Texas Tech?
Answer: When I came to move my sister into her dorm her Freshman year here at Texas Tech, I was a Senior in high school. e people that helped her move in were so nice and gracious. Even the faculty and staff, they wanted to know about her and what she wanted to get out of Texas Tech. It wasn’t about just being a number, so when I came here, that was a big factor.

Question: Where are you from originally?
Answer: I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but formerly, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Question: If your life were a book, what would the title be? Answer: If my life were a book, the title would just be, Sean Lewis.

Question: What has been your best memory at Texas Tech, so far? Answer: My best memory would actually be from the May 2018 commencement ceremonies and being able to participate. Seeing the excitement on the faces of all the graduates and their families was really exciting.

Question: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Answer: It was my junior year of high school. I was part of this mentoring group, and we welcomed the incoming freshman. We were doing an NSYNC dance routine. I was chosen to be Justin Timberlake. I was very excited, and at the end of the routine, I jumped off stage and did a fist pump in the air, but I split my pants in front of the entire freshman class. For the rest of the day, I had to walk around in P.E. shorts and everyone knew why I was wearing them.

Question: What’s next after graduation from Texas Tech?
Answer: A er graduation from Texas Tech, I would like to go to law school and study to be an attorney. I’m not sure what type of law I will be studying, but I’m excited to nd out when that time comes.


That wraps up our new feature of, Get to Know Me. Texas Tech’s newly
elected Student Body President gave us a first class interview during
our time together. From digging into his past, learning about his goals
and aspirations, and having many laughs, we learned that Texas Tech
and its student body is in great hands with Sean Lewis at the helm.

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