TTU Athletics Big 12 Expansion Talk

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TTU Athletics Big 12 Expansion Talk and Upcoming Season News

Thursday, August 26th, Texas Tech Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt held a press conference to talk about TTU Athletics and their Big 12 Expansion. This coming only hours after the Pac 12 Conference decided it would not expand to add more teams after forming an alliance with the Big 10 and ACC.

The press conference would take place before an annual event hosted by the Red Raider Club. With big names such as Senator Ted Cruz speaking at the event, it would draw much attention.
After the announcement that the Pac 12 would not be expanding, the conference released the following statement. “The decision was made following extensive internal discussion and analysis and is based on the current competitive strength and cohesiveness of our 12 universities. It is also grounded in our confidence in our ability as a conference. To best support our student-athletes and to grow and thrive both academically and athletically.”

With the joining of the Pac 12 Conference now off the table. Texas Tech will continue to work with the Big 12 Conference to work on expansion and keep the conference a power five conference.

Texas Tech Football and Athletics season is right around the corner. To address fans, Hocutt would state that Texas Tech and the Big 12 Conference being a power five conference will not change. And that the university is going to continue to compete and make Texas Tech and Lubbock a place for young men and women to compete. On one of the biggest stages in college athletics.”

Expansion Talk Continued

When asked what Red Raiders fans can do to help. Hocutt replied, “you know, there’s never been a more important time for the Red Raiders nation to support these student-athletes and these teams, and let’s call it what it is. It’s football right now. We need to pack the Jones six times. That’s what we asked our fans to fill Jones AT&T Stadium six times for us this year. Nothing will make more a profound impact or impression to the entire country as they see us on television. As they see us on, you know, highlights to show that the Jones is full and this fanbase, time and time, again, continues to lift this athletics program. And I don’t expect this to be any different.”

After saying to expect a good season from the Red Raiders, Hocutt would go onto say. “Right now, our complete focus is to make the Big 12 Conference as strong as it can possibly be. And I expect that Texas Tech will play a leadership role in that. We’re going to continue to be a part of the power five structure within college athletics.”

Within a week of the start of Texas Tech Football’s season debut against The University of Houston. At NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, the team will look to start their season with a bang. With much uncertainty, the Red Raiders will look to prove to the college football world. That Texas Tech and the rest of the Big 12 Conference belong in the power five conversation.

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Story by Campus Live Employee Trinity Porter

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