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Things I Miss From Lubbock

I’ve been in Houston since the middle of march, and I got a little homesick. I’ve been in Lubbock for only 3 years, but it’s like home to me. That isn’t to say I don’t miss Houston when I’m there though. Lubbock just has that extra special charm that you don’t get in Houston. Since I’m missing Lubbock a little extra today, I thought I’d run through a few things that I miss from the Hub City. 

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez
Texas Tech

The first thing I miss from Lubbock is of course, Texas Tech. I miss being able to walk through campus on a daily basis, no matter the weather. Tech always had something going on and it made it less boring. Whether it was sporting events, booths at the sub or even late night events, there was never a dull moment. I especially miss the College of Media and Communication. I’m always in that building through one way or another and it feels cozy to me. I miss being able to sit in the lounges before class with my friends before a class. These seem like little things, but as you’ll notice, the little things matter in this list. 

Photo By Anthony Rodriguez of Campus Live. One of our Watch Parties at Champs Sports Bar and Grill
Watch Parties

The second thing I miss from Lubbock is the Campus Live watch parties. These were always fun whenever they were happening. The energy was always positive and our host venues were always great. The crowd was always into the party and it was always a good way to have fun before a Tech game. Plus every venue we went to had great food. I hope to be able to get back to going to these sooner rather than later.

Slim Chickens

The next thing I miss is actually Slim Chickens. This might seem like a very minor thing, but this place is great. They aren’t very close to me in Houston compared to Lubbock. Every time I return to Lubbock, I always get Slim Chickens. My favorite thing from Slim Chickens is honestly the fries. Their fries taste so good and have a great crunch that are the highlight to me. Again, it may seem very minor, but having it not be in Houston makes me miss it more. 


The last thing is more unique to myself, but it’s my MMA gym. I train at Victory Combat Sports Academy and I love their facility. Every week they have Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes that fit perfectly with my schedule. On top of that, the trainers there have great experience and have trained fighters who were in the UFC. In addition, the community and other trainees there are some of the best people. Many of them I’ve become friends with. 

All in all, I just miss lubbock like crazy. I hope to be back in Lubbock soon and be able to experience everything that I’ve listed here, plus more. 

Story By Anthony Rodriguez, Creative media for Campus Live

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