Texas Tech Under Construction Projects

Texas Tech Campus Under Construction

The Texas Tech University system continues to grow every day. This presents the problem of providing enough space for each program and student comfortably. As a result, the university has an under-construction sign somewhere on its campus year-round. To give everyone a better idea of what new buildings are popping up on campus, here’s a quick rundown of buildings under construction.

Jones AT&T Stadium East Side finish-Out

This project is another addition to the Jones AT&T Stadium but is focusing on new athletic administrative office spaces. The interior renovation includes adding a lobby area and Media Suite on the 2 and 3 levels. In this case, the expected completion isn’t listed.

The Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center

The construction of the practice facility will benefit the men and women’s basketball program. The bulk of the project is providing two new practice courts, locker rooms and coaches offices. To add to that list, the facility will also feature catering & dining space, two film review rooms, and two team lounge spaces. The facility competes with other outstanding division 1 practice facilities and without a doubt is guaranteed to draw the attention of top recruits. The buildings completion is in late June 2020.

TTU Dairy Barn Renovation

Originally constructed in 1926, this building is one of the first four buildings on campus. Because of its historical value, the interior renovation will convert the space into a collaborative work area. In addition, work on the outside of the building includes a new roof, replacing windows, and repainting. All of the construction of the buildings intends to reflect the Dairy Barns’ historical period. The completion of this renovation is in August 2020.

School of Veterinary Medicine

When the new school of Veterinary Medicine was first announced it created a whirlwind of excitement. The first veterinary school in Texas in over 100 years is under construction in Amarillo. With the construction starting in 2019 the expected completion of the project is in October 2021.

For more details on the buildings listed, check out the Under-Construction page on Texas Techs’ website. Also, use this link to find information on new construction projects.

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