Texas Tech Football 2020 Pre-Conference Preview

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez of Campus Live.

With the 2020 schedule for Texas Tech football all set, it’s just a waiting game until that first kickoff. Before conference play starts in late september, as per usual, Tech will have to face 3 different non conference teams. This year the Raiders will face UT El Paso, Alabama State, and Arizona respectively. All three of these teams pose a challenge to the Red Raiders, but Campus Live is confident in our teams ability to win all three of these games. 

From these three teams our first challenge will be versus UT El Paso. The Texas Tech Red Raiders faced them last year and came off with a very decisive win. This year will be slightly different as the Red Raiders will take on the Miners on their turf. Despite that, We here at Campus Live believe the Red Raiders will come away with another dominant performance. 

The second team challenging Texas Tech will be the Alabama State Hornets. This will also be the first home game of the 2020 season. Texas Tech didn’t face the Hornets last season so it’s unclear how Tech will do vs Alabama State. However, with it being the first home game of the season, we will definitely have home field advantage. The roar of the home crowd should energize the Red Raiders enough to walk away with a win. 

The final team the Red Raiders face before conference play will be the Arizona Wildcats. The Red Raiders faced the Wildcats last season also in the final game before conference play. Unfortunately the Red Raiders were defeated by the Wildcats while on Wildcat turf. This season will be different however as we face Arizona State in Lubbock. Having home field advantage two weeks in a row should give the Red Raiders everything they need to pull out a win. 

Overall, we’re excited to finally get a new season of football started. Last season was a bit rocky, but we believe that this season will be much different. These three games will also be the necessary momentum booster for Texas Tech. They will also set the stage for the rest of the season once conference play starts. 

Story by Anthony Rodriguez, Creative Media for Campus Live

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