Ten Cafes and Coffee Houses in Lubbock

Ten Cozy Cafes in Lubbock

Coffee Houses are the pinnacle of college study sessions, and after a while Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts simply don’t fill the aesthetic value of a true café. The atmosphere of a good vibe, low-key coffee house can turn any study session into a success, and the great tasting coffee can always keep you coming back. We’ve compiled a list of Cafés near TTU that will fill the void of the chill, kick back atmosphere that you need to get through finals. I’ve also included a few bubble tea spots, just because it’s one of my favorite drinks in the world!

  1. Yellow House Coffee- 3017 34th st, Lubbock TX
  2. Bara- 4404 122nd St, Lubbock TX 
  3. J&B Coffee Company- 2701 26th St, Lubbock TX
  4. Monomyth Coffee- 2024 Broadway, Lubbock TX
  5. West Straw’s Boba Tea and Smoothie- 3709 19th St, Lubbock TX
  6. Sugar Brown’s Coffee- 1947 19th St, Lubbock TX
  7. The Coffee Shop- 1204 Broadway, Ste 105, Lubbock TX
  8. Urban Tea- 6409 Indiana Ave, Lubbock TX
  9. Tova Coffee house- 6023 82nd St, Ste 1, Lubbock TX
  10. Rejavanate Coffee Bar- 6524 Slide Rd, Lubbock, TX 

Most of these spots are near the TTU campus, so don’t be afraid to go check some of these out and tell us how you liked them! Share with us your favorite orders, drinks, or sweets that come along with these shops.

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Story by: Angela Ramirez

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