Texas Tech Student Organization Spotlight – TCMA

College of Media and Communications student organizations

The Texas Tech College of Media and Communication has a wide variety of student organizations. Each one focuses on different aspects of multimedia, ranging from content creation to photography. There is one organization that encapsulates all of what MCOM is about, and that is TCMA.

The Core of TCMA

TCMA or better known as Tech Creative Media Association is a student organization at Tech. They focused on allowing students to show their filmmaking skills and ability to make creative content. Many of the members have gone on to create short films for festivals such as Campus MovieFest. That being said, it’s not just all about filmmaking. 

TCMA president, Liliana Huantes said, “We want students, especially in this current time, to be able to learn from others and to showcase their abilities. Everything we do is a collaborative effort with our members.”

The Team Aspect

The core of TCMA is about filmmaking and producing content. The organization also tries to focus on other aspects of multimedia. These include film and television analysis, technique analysis, writing, graphic design, photography, animation, and overall production. As a result, members can get insight from other members regarding different aspects of multimedia. They even facilitate collaborative efforts among its members. 

In addition, TCMA allows students to volunteer for other productions in the club, further encouraging the collaborative aspect. However, the main purpose is to allow students to showcase their strengths while also showcasing some creative ideas. In short, TCMA promotes the idea of self-production, while also having collaborative input from other members. 

That’s a Wrap

All in all, TCMA is the perfect student organization. It allows for creative freedom if you’re wishing to pursue filmmaking or even other facets of multimedia production. You won’t only learn something new but will also create a project that has been sitting in the back pocket. With the collaborative effort of other members, you’ll ensure your project is as good as you want it to be. 

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