Student Organization Spotlight – Script Raiders

If there’s one thing that every film, theater, or television production needs, it’s an effective script. To me, the first step after the conceptual stage of production is writing the script. I say this because the script can be used as references for the rest of the pre-production stage, and the script is just as important during the production stage. With that, some are not familiar with the ins and outs of writing a script effectively. That’s where the organization known as Script Raiders comes in to play.

Script Raiders Purpose

Script raiders is a student organization that focuses on the process of writing scripts for different productions. It allows its members to create opportunities to create scripts for films, television, and plays. Script raiders isn’t for just writers, however. This club is also open to aspiring directors, actors, or even those who love writing or analyzing scripts. This club also welcomes the collaboration and cooperation of its members to assist one another to help create effective scripts

Writing and Theater Events

This organization also hosts several events throughout the semesters as a way to further your scriptwriting skills. These can range from writing a play with a certain prompt in 24 hours, to events where students can present their original work for 5 minutes without judgment. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the skills of different playwrights and screenwriters while also presenting their works to others. Having these kinds of events is also a great way to encourage writers to put pen to paper as well.

The Perfect Opportunity

Overall, if you want to improve your writing when it comes to screenwriting, playwriting, or just writing in general, this organization is for you. The amount of opportunities members will get for writing a variety of scripts is perfect for improving your writing. It can also help you dabble in other genres that you may have not considered before. So if you want to be a writer for the theater or are just looking to improve your writing, Script Raiders is the perfect student organization for you.

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