Romantic Things to do in Lubbock

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Romance in Lubbock, Texas

Grab your honey and check out these romantic things to do in Lubbock, Texas. There are tons of options that will leave you with a night full of memories and a couple of kisses. Lubbock, Texas, has hidden gems that can turn any regular date into a romantic setting. If you utilize this list, you will surely impress your significant other. Discover local wineries, beautiful parks, museums, and more here in Lubbock, Texas.

Adventure Park

If you are a couple that lives life on the wild side, visit Adventure Park at 5110 29th Dr, Lubbock, TX 79407. Adventure Park is a great place to get an all in one experience with endless activities to do together.

Grab a putter and ease through their put-put course; it gives you the excuse to do the ol’ “let me help you” trick. If you like to get wet, challenge each other to water bumper cars and see who gets blasted with the most water. Stop by the Adventure Speedway to race to the finish line if you’re in need of speed. While you sit back from the action, settle down at the in-house cafe to share a slice of pizza and resonate over the memories you just created.

At adventure Park, you can choose from an all-day pass to paying for specific activities. Check out, to view all the prices and bundles for ultimate fun.

Stars and Stripes Drive-in Theater

Kick it old-school at the Stars and Stripes Drive-in Theater at 5101 Clovis Rd, Lubbock, TX 79416. A drive-in movie theatre is a perfect way for couples to have their own personal movie date in Lubbock. The best part, you can’t hear the sound of people talking and the crunch of popcorn.

Grab your blankets, and set off to a world of cinema. Stars and Stripe’s theater features a range of new movies and original favorites every weekend. If you find yourself hungry during the movie, stop in their drive-in restaurant to grab a bite. Order food from burgers and nachos to grilled chicken and wings; nothing like sharing wings from the privacy of your own car.

Check out the upcoming movies that will be featured at the drive-in theatre to plan your next date. Head to, to see more information.

Date in the Park

If you don’t have a lot of moolah in your pocket, check out the various parks around the Lubbock area for a romantic evening. Pack up a picnic basket full of your favorite foods and camp out under a tree or by a lake. Here are a few parks that are great during sunset.

Mackenzie Park is located at 301 I-27, Lubbock, TX 79403. You will be surrounded by beautiful creations the world has to offer with your significant other by your side. If you like long walks, stroll through their numerous trails. Make sure to bring extra bread as you visit Prairie Dog Town and feed the little critters.

Maxy Park is located at 4020 30th St, Lubbock, TX 79401. Maxy Park is the go-to for the best view of the sunset over the water. Get your steps in by making rounds around the large lake and talk about life with each other. Stop by their playground and live a little if you are a playful couple.

Lastly, Buddy Holly Recreation Area, located at N University Ave & Cesar E Chavez Dr, Lubbock, TX 79415. Bring your kayaks, fishing poles, and paddleboards as you explore the lake of Buddy Holly. The long strip allows you to enjoy quality time together either on foot or on the water.

Painting With a Twist

If you are a creative couple, a great place to go is Painting with a twist on 6816 Slide Rd #6, Lubbock, TX 79424. Not only do you get to create a masterpiece, but you also get to sip on some wine; drink responsibly, of course.

Painting With a Twist is the perfect setting for an intimate date that will forever be remembered. Even if you are not a great painter, enjoying time with each other will be the best part. Laugh together as you cheers your glasses to messy paint strokes and a memento to take home.

Check out, for reservations. Get your paint on!

Joyland Amusement Park

Next up, Joyland Amusement Park of Lubbock, located in Mackenzie Park. If you want to have the best night of your life, an amusement park is a great place to visit. Joyland is full of fun rides, games, and of course, the best carnival food. Share a corndog smothered in ketchup, funnel cakes covered in powdered sugar, and cheesy nachos.

Joyland may be for kids and family, but you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to scream on classic carnival rides and take pictures under the carnival lights to save the memories.

Joyland is open 6 days a week but only in the evenings. Head to their website to see upcoming events at

McPherson Cellars Winery in Lubbock

Step up your dating game by going to Mcpherson Cellars Winery on 1615 Texas Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401. Sit back and relax while you visit their tasting room to explore a wide range of flavors. You have the option to taste local wine to known Texas favorites. Fall in love with a new wine as you take your tastebuds on a trip.

They are open every day of the week to ensure that you don’t only have the weekends to be fancy in Lubbock, Texas. Put on your nice suit and dress as you enter the world of fine wine. As of right now, Mcpherson Winery is limiting the number of visitors. Be sure to check out to see the visiting policy.

Buddy Holly Hall

The city of Lubbock has been waiting a long time for a massive place to enjoy the best live music by well-known artists. You can now visit the Buddy Holly Hall venue at 1300 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX 79401. Buddy Holly Hall will easily become one of your favorite hot spots for a date night in Lubbock.

If theatre arts is your idea of a romantic date, Buddy Holly has you covered for the night. There is a range of events to look out for in 2021; Live music performances, musicals, and orchestras rolling through Lubbock. The great thing about live performances is that it is easy to vibe to a good tune together.

Top Romantic Restaurants in Lubbock

Cafe J in Lubbock should be your next move if you are a couple that bonds over food. Cafe J is one of many well-known restaurants for lovers looking for a nice night out. At Cafe J, you can order off of the endless wine list to share a bottle for the evening. If you make reservations on a Sunday, enjoy their bottomless mimosas. Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to split their mouth-watering steak and seafood options between two people; It is more than enough!

In Lubbock, Italian Garden is another great option to take a special someone out for a savory Italian dinner. If you aren’t into fine dining, you can make this restaurant your go-to for elegant food without the heals and tie. Italian Garden has a cozy, comforting, casual environment perfect for a dinner date on a weekday.

Museums in Lubbock, Texas

Museum of Texas Tech University might not be your first choice, but it can be on top of the list for a romantic day out in Lubbock. Also, if you like the words ‘free admission,’ this is the place for you.

The museum of Texas Tech University is made up of the main museum building, the Moody Planetarium, the Natural Science Research Laboratory, the research and educational elements of the Lubbock Lake Landmark, and the Val Verde County research site. The museum of Texas Tech University features many history-related exhibits throughout the year to keep things fresh and interesting. If you are an art lover, you will be amazed by talented artists’ most unique exhibits. Want to travel back in time? Dig up the history of when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The Silent Wings Museum, located at 6202 N I-27, Lubbock, TX 79403-7523, tells the story of aircraft used during World War II. Explore the museum exhibits of artifacts, scale to size replicas, and weaponry used. Their general admission is only $10 a person, an affordable date for anyone on a budget. Visit, to get more information to plan your next visit.

Buddy Holly Hall and National Ranching Heritage Center

Buddy Holly Center, located at 1801 Crickets Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401-5128, will take you through the history of one of the greatest music legends, Buddy Holly. The Texas musician is known throughout the Lubbock community and loved by many. At Buddy Holly Center, you will learn how rock n’ roll has shaped the music we love today.

Buddy Holly Center should be on your list of places in the city to get a visual and performing arts experience for you and your significant other. Visit to get more information.

National Ranching Heritage Center is located at 3121 4th St, Lubbock, TX 79409-4103, conveniently right by Texas Tech University. The Ranching Heritage museum is an outdoor center used to explore the rich history of Texas culture. You will see how early settlers lived in the past and used resources to build homes and businesses. Explore the refurbished homesteads and bunkhouses brought into the center to see how modern technology has changed the way we live today.

Use the Heritage Center as an opportunity to get fresh air while spending the extra time together. As of right now, the museum is temporarily closed due to Covid. Visit to stay updated.

He-Brews Coffee

He-Brews Coffee isn’t like any other coffee shop in Lubbock. If you enjoy nice weather while sipping a warm cup of joe, take it up a notch with He-Brews fun and unique experience. Not only can you try some of the best coffee around, but you can rent a kayak right from He-Brews back door. After you’re done cruising the water, move the date to the outdoor patio for live music, comfy chairs, and a lake-front view.

It is only $15.oo an hour to rent a kayak from He-Brews Coffee and is available every day of the week. He-Brews is one of Lubbock’s best local locations to soak up the sun and lounge for a bit. Want rental information? Head to

First Friday Art Trail of Lubbock

Get out of the house and experience the nightlife of Lubbock at the First Friday Art Trail. First Friday makes you feel like you are not in Lubbock with a fun, whimsical, and engaging atmosphere. The Art trail is the perfect place for couples to explore the city and open the creative mind. Indulge in the different Arts and the best food truck options. After you visit the Art Trail, circle around town to see the other cultural buildings available for viewing.

You can find the First Friday Art Trail in the heart of the Lubbock Cultural District, and don’t worry about admission; it is free! As of right now, the event is virtual. If you want to stay updated, head to

What Are You Waiting For?

Lubbock is full of romantic things to do if you have a buck to spend or saving your pennies. The Town of Lubbock is ready to be explored by you and your partner. From looking back at history, visiting restaurants to chilling at the park, you will fall in love all over again.

Story by: Michelle Meyer, Campus Live intern.

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