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2019-2020 President Select

Texas Tech University is home to over 550 student organizations. Each organization helps give students on campus a home and sense of belonging. However, there is one organization on campus that almost every Texas Tech student comes in contact with. President’s Select is a group of Texas Tech University student ambassadors chosen specifically to serve Texas Tech. These students give campus tours and serve Texas Tech University through the Office of the President, Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Texas Tech Athletics in the recruitment of new students and the fostering of relationships with all university publics including prospective students, special guests and alumni.

Presently, I have the pleasure of serving as President’s Select’s Recruitment Officer and Treasurer. I sat down with our President, Montana Chandler, and our Vice President of Admissions, Mason Leachman, to ask them some questions.

What is President’s Select’s goal as an organization?  

Montana: Our goals as an organization go beyond just recruiting students for Texas Tech. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, student organizations, and experiences. Through this, individuals strive to create a more diverse and inclusive campus. By creating this type of campus culture, we are better able to help prospective students find their home at Texas Tech. That’s one of our main goals. To create a campus you are proud to represent and then share it with every visitor you meet.

What is the training process like? 

Mason: Training for President Select is broken up into a few key components. To begin, we teach our trainees everything they’ll need to know about tours and Tech, in a lecture-type setting. Next, we require our trainees to observe some of our current tour guides to give them an idea of how to give the best tour. Finally, when we think our new members are ready, they are shadowed by some of our best tour guides to ensure they are more than prepared to showcase everything our amazing campus has to offer!

What would you say to a student considering applying for President’s Select? 

Mason: If you are considering applying for President’s Select, my best piece of advice for you is to be yourself! As tour guides, we are all different. We come from different places, with different backgrounds, and we each have different interests: we all tell our own story. We want to know what makes you “you” and the role you play in the larger Texas Tech family.

What’s your favorite thing about President’s Select? 

Montana: My favorite thing about President’s Select is interacting with prospective students. Whether it be through an admissions event or a campus tour, I have the opportunity to create connections with students and their families. That lead into incredible conversations, from what my favorite class has been, to what campus life is like. These conversations and connections are memorable for both the student and me. I also really love our organization and our members. The friendships that I have built through President’s Select are so sweet and I am so grateful for them!

Is there anything about President’s Select that you think is important for everyone to know? 

Montana: President’s Select is such an incredible organization. From members to advisors, I have never encountered a more dedicated group of people who love Texas Tech and its students. This organization is so much more than just giving campus tours, even though that’s what we are known for! It’s about giving back to the community that has given to so many of its students.

Personally, being a part of President’s Select is something about my Texas Tech experience that I will always cherish. Getting to be the first face someone meets when they come visit our beautiful campus will always hold a special place in my heart. I can’t describe how much fun it is to watch students fall in love with the university you’re so passionate about, right in front of your eyes. Make sure and be on the lookout for Welcome Week events in the Fall to learn more about President’s Select and meet our members in person. Campus tours are for anyone and everyone who wants to see our university. We have tours every single day, so make sure and come tour Texas Tech and meet one of the amazing President’s Select members!

Story by Maky Haynes, Broadcast/Creative Media

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