Organization Spotlight – BSA

BSA officers at a general meeting.

Texas Tech is home to many diverse organizations that do things for Tech and Lubbock as a community. It’s important to shed light on those organizations and let the public know what exactly they offer. The Black Student Association is one of these organizations, founded on the Tech Campus in 1967. It’s a very diverse group whose purpose as stated in their constitution is to “establish a proactive and supportive assembly for black students”

I had the pleasure of sitting down with BSA president Baahir Jinadu to ask him about the work that BSA does.

What is BSA’s goal as an organization?  

Baahir: Our goal as an organization is to provide a safe space for all black students on campus while educating the non-black students on the experiences that black students face on campus.

What does BSA for the community? 

Baahir: We’re a voice for the black community as a whole. So our job is to advocate for students, so we need to really people to get together. We’re the black student corporation so we need an essentialized place. We also want students to come to a space where they can see representation and seeing people look like you. And seeing that other people relate to your things. It also serves as a space for students on campus

BSA has a lot of volunteer opportunities open for students. What drives you guys to do so much for Lubbock? 

Baahir: It’s our duty. BSA was the first black organization on campus, and because It’s a privilege to be a bsa officer. It’s not really something you can just do, we’re a voice for the black students on campus. Giving them as many opportunities to better themselves and the community is our job

What’s your favorite thing about BSA? 

Baahir: The opportunities that we get. I can see how it might be overwhelming to try to accomplish so much in a year as an officer, but I try to say yes to every meeting because you never know what they can bring to BSA and what we can bring to them. It’s a wonderful opportunity and is such a privilege. If I had to sum my favorite aspect of BSA in one word it would be opportunity.

Is there anything about BSA that you think is important for everyone to know? 

Baahir: That we’re open to everyone. A lot of people ask, “oh can I join BSA because I’m not black?” and my answer is always yes of course! We’re the black student association but we’re open to all students to educate.

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