Gabby Lemieux, a former Texas Tech student athlete, to work with education firm on youth iniatives.

Lubbock, TX, April 2, 2019– Moya Strategic Solutions (MS2) will be working with Gabby Lemieux, a Native American Professional Golfer to inspire Native American Student-Athletes who have the desire to succeed in both sports and education through events, weekly social media content, and a mini-documentary. The launch of this project will provide select Native American Communities the opportunity to hear Gabby’s story first hand.  

“As a female owned business, we are honored to work with Gabby and create some unique opportunities for Native Americans across the country to follow her journey and hopefully inspire others to follow in her footsteps,” said Sandy Moya-James, Education Consultant for MS2. 

“I’ve worked so hard my entire life to become a professional golfer and yes I love golf, but I want to inspire our Native American youth to follow their dreams,” said Gabby Lemieux. “Native American education is an issue in many of our Native communities and I want to be a change agent in this area. I loved the fact that MS2 is a female owned business, has found a way to make changes in the Native American education process and I truly believe two females can make positive changes for our Native American communities.”

Campus Live, a media company out of Lubbock, Texas, will be covering the events and highlighting Gabby the former Texas Tech standout athlete.

“We’re excited to incorporate Campus Live into such a unique community experience involving a former Texas Tech athlete,” says Campus Live owner, Marcus Pauda. 

MS2 will be working with Gabby to showcase her professional golf career with a mini-documentary. The mini-documentary will highlight her challenges and celebrate her success throughout the past year’s professional golf tour. The goal, via social media, is to inspire Native Americans around the country, that a female Native American Professional Golfer can rise to the top in one of the World’s most challenging individual sport.

MS2 has created the Individualized Education Goal Plan (IEGP), which provides students and their families, of the communities they work with, the human connection that’s missing from the current education process.

 “MS2 couldn’t think of a better person to work with than Gabby to help implement our process and share her journey with other Native American Communities,” says Sandy Moya-James.

For more information on how to follow Gabby and this project, visit the following: Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about MS2 and this project, visit the following: Facebook, Instagram, website and Vimeo.

For more information about Campus Live, visit the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website.


* Gabby Lemieux: Originally from Idaho, Gabby was a 5A State Champion and record holding high school golfer.  While playing at Texas Tech University, she had four collegiate wins, was ranked #1 in the country, was Big 12 Player of the Year and holds the lowest scoring average for all four years. Gabby graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Human Development. She focuses now on her journey as a professional golfer and inspiring other Native Americans to reach for their dreams. Gabby is registered with the ShoPointe Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.

* Moya Strategic Solutions (MS2): Based in Fishers, Indiana is an education consulting firm founded by Sandy James, a former teacher of 13 years, and developed her own system of tracking progress in a student’s education journey. MS2 is dedicated to changing the way the education process is thought about, conducted, and helping students and their families have a say in their education journey. MS2 works with communities across the country implementing the IEGP process, training education departments on the proper way to conduct the IEGP, implementing cutting edge community programs, and large-scale training programs for school districts and education departments. 

* Campus Live: Based in Lubbock, Texas is a media company that exists to inform, engage and have fun with the community of both Texas Tech and Lubbock. Campus Live covers all things Texas Tech and Lubbock using multiple platforms to deliver its content, including a print and digital magazine, Campus Live TV broadcast, social and digital platforms, Off the Upright Podcast, and community engagement.

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