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Texas Tech Public Art: Knowledge Structure

Photo of the Knowledge Tree located in the front of the Innovation Hub
Graphic by Campus Live Intern Delvin Wilson

Knowledge Structure located at the Innovation HUB at Research Park

Outside in front of the Texas Tech Innovation HUB is the Knowledge Structure.

The Knowledge Structure was created in 2015 by artist Marco Cianfanelli. The structure is about 16.5 feet tall and made of rusted steel. The sculpture changes appearance based on the angle you look at it. From certain angles, the structure looks like a tree. On the other hand, other angles cause the structure to look like a human brain.

The inspiration for the Knowledge Structure comes from the idea that there is “a parallel between tree and intellect.” The plaque next to the structure describes how the “trunk and branches represent a notion of different disciplines, which are interrelated and interdependent, sharing resources and displaying a process of growth and interconnectedness.

The form of the human brain is evident, a neural network that is connected to, as well as, dependent on the Earth. The five columns supporting the brain become conducts. The emphasis lies in the importance of innovation, science, and technology in the furthering of humanity. As endeavors that need to be responsive to and in synergy with, the environment.”


Overall, the Knowledge Structure is an abstract art piece with a profound meaning behind it. The structure itself is very engaging because it looks like either a tree or a human brain based on the viewers’ perspective. This causes people to stop and look at the structure longer, moving around to see both perspectives.

Many find it interesting that the artist Marco Cianfanelli purposefully used steel and allowed it to rust when creating the Knowledge Structure. This has caused the structure to have a more rustic feel compared to a clean, more modern look that might have been portrayed with non-rusted metal. The rustic look of the structure fits well in the setting that is Lubbock.

It is one of the premiere pieces of art in the Lubbock community located at 3911 4th Street in front of the Texas Tech Innovation HUB. If you’re into art, it is a sight to see.

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Written by Campus Live Intern Allison White

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