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GermBlast & Campus Live Announce New Partnership

Campus Live TTU/TCU newest partner, GermBlast

Press release by Cathryn Lamb – PR/Social Media Coordinate for Campus Live Contact: [email protected]

LUBBOCK, Texas – Campus Live and GermBlast announced a new partnership for the communities of Lubbock and Fort Worth for the year of 2019-2020.

GermBlast will be the presenting sponsor for Campus Live’s Monthly Wellness Tips. The Monthly Wellness Tips will be aimed at communicating to students and alumni of Texas Tech and TCU, as well as, families of Lubbock and Fort Worth, on how to stay healthy.

“Campus Live is excited to be partnering with GermBlast to provide health tips to the Lubbock and Fort Worth community and show how we care for our followers,” says Campus Live owner, Marcus Pauda. “This is one of the first partnerships to be multimarket for, with both Lubbock and Fort Worth operations.”

Campus Live is a media agency that exists to inform and engage with the communities of Lubbock and Fort Worth. The Monthly Wellness Tips will be another way for Campus Live to connect with its followers through social media broadcasts.

GermBlast is a company that serves as a shield against the illness in your everyday life. Their goal is to end the spread of illness and make all the environments you spend your time in to enhance your health, rather than risk it.

GermBlast works will businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, homes and more to protect the community. For more information about GermBlast, check out their website.

“GermBlast is excited to partner with Campus Live. We feel that Campus Live shares our passion for the GermBlast program and understands that health and wellness are our mission!” says GermBlast’s Vice President, Christy Haynes. “Campus Live will play an important role in our efforts to increase Awareness, Education, and Engagement in the community.  We look forward to working with the Campus Live team!”

To check out the Monthly Wellness Tips, follow Campus Live on all social media platforms. Use the handle @CampusLiveTTU and @CampusLiveTCU to stay updated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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