Announcing Big Company Updates

Campus Live announces company updates.

LUBBOCK, TX— Campus Live’s Owner and CEO, Marcus Pauda, announced a list of company updates. Including; a brand-new company website to include both Texas Tech and TCU’s platforms, the promotion of Josh Cobos to Managing Director of Campus Live, and the addition of Tyler Dipprey and Nathan Riojas, who will join Campus Live as the new faces of the Corona Premier Sports Show. All of this is effective July 1st, 2019.

Campus Live is a media company based out of Lubbock, Texas that began in November of 2017. Its new website will be located at and the company will eliminate the word magazine from its name and operate under the name Campus Live Media moving forward. This main website will be a hub for every school Campus Live has a presence at.

Josh Cobos previously served as the Director of Sales and Marketing and has been promoted in the company. Josh will now assume the position of Managing Director for Campus Live. He will oversee multiple areas for the company including, business development, operations and creative. Cobos is a graduate of Texas Tech University and has a bachelor’s degree in electronic media and communications.

Tyler Dipprey and Nathan Riojas, of the Dipp and Ro Show, a sports podcast locally in Lubbock, Texas, will join Campus Live and its Corona Premier Sports Show. For information on The Dipp and Ro show, click here. Look for the Corona Premier Sports Show on all of Campus Live’s social media platforms along with opportunities in the community to see the sports show live.

Nathan Riojas is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Journalism. Tyler has been a public speaker and trainer for 10 years with experience in speaking to crowds of a few thousand. Nathan and Tyler are both co-founds of the Dipp and Ro Show since summer of 2018.

Campus Live TTU Social Media:

Being in operation over a year and a half, Campus Live currently does business with multiple partners throughout Lubbock who want to reach the Texas Tech community.

Campus Live and its growth have been made possible thanks to partnerships in the community and loyal fans of Campus Live.

Written by: Cathryn Lamb / PR & Social Media Coordinator – Campus Live Contact: [email protected] 

Josh Cobos

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